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Reviews Comments: I seem to be missing something The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time game review by Purple Dalek

So I finally get round to playing a Zelda game; Ocarina of Time 3D (but with the 3D off because fuck 3D for screwing up the movie industry and making my head hurt) and I honestly don't see what the big fuss is about. The plot was unengaging, the characters were bland and forgettable (Navi was about as likable as a dead wasp in your drink) and the gameplay was repetitive and about as much fun as a five hour lecture on fractions from the world's most boring mathematician.

Maybe this is one of those things that you can only enjoy if you happended to be eleven years old when the original came out but nostalgia can't (and damn well shouldn't) support a whole product. Maybe I've spectacularly missed the point, maybe I'm just an idiot but Ocarina of Time's appeal is as impenetrable to me as a brick wall with some nasty looking spikes sticking out of it. I gave up on it half way through and carried on with my extremely important life.


  • protoraptor
  • 5th Apr 12
This can't possibly end well...
  • BlueMadness
  • 5th Apr 12
It plays just like every other 3D Zelda, if only a more primitive version of them. If you like any of them, I can't see how you can't like this one. Other than that, yeah, it has nothing special by today's standards, but for it's time, it was as jaw-dropping as Skyrim is today. OoT is a relic from an old time, when character depth wasn't among top priorities of game designers. You have a hero that's gonna save the world because whatever, and a villain that wants to rule the world because mwahaha. Also, a lot of this game's value comes from it being the origin story of the series longest-running villain, Ganondorf. If you weren't into the series before it, and didn't play the game when it was new, I think I can see how it would be less appealing.

Still, I think you're being too harsh with it. I don't think the gameplay is any more repetitive than any other mainstream game we currently have out. It's just a little outdated. But not unplayable. I think it's unfair to judge it by today's standards, because it really doesn't hold up as well as it used to. Try to give it a berth, when playing, when you see stuff like bland characters or a weak plot, because like I said, it's an old game, they didn't have a lot of this back then, and just... go around, see the places, solve puzzles, fight the bosses, and have fun with the adventure. Forget the plot. Just like old times. =)

If THAT still doesn't work, well... I'd be glad to buy it from you. If I lived anywhere near you, that is.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 5th Apr 12
While the graphics are kinda ugly and the story average, a lot of the overworld and dungeons still hold up. I'm still astonished at how big Hyrule Field got to be, as well as all the nooks and crannies in Castle Town, Kakariko village, etc. And the dungeons they demonstrate would still work for dungeons today. There's also still a sense of awe as exploring the creepy mind-twists of the Forest Temple, or the grim foreboding of the Spirit Temple. They still demonstrate their unique atmosphere.

Why the story still gets focused on today is because it set much of the formula for the future games: young boy in village, gets clothes, sword, and shield, meets dude who tells him to collect three things to stop an evil plot, does so but it doesn't work, finds out about the real evil plot, collects eight more things, fights Big Bad, all goes well. Additionally, Ocarina is where the games started to display a canon. Before there were only tenuous links between most of the games and there was argument that they were all re-imaginings of each other. But now Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc, have all been basing their story of the legacy of the events of Ocarina and been all the better for it.

It would be better to explain WHY you found the gameplay repetitive though, as there's nothing specific here I can respond to except with "no it wasn't". So expand your points a lot, because it seems most Zelda fans didn't find it repetitive if if they rejoiced upon hearing the game would be released with updated graphics for the 3DS.
  • psycher7
  • 5th Apr 12
One of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history. Gameplay that is no more "repetitive" than most other games, particularly those in the action-adventure genre; if you try comparing it to an RPG, you're missing the point. Challenging puzzles and interesting dungeon designs, even the damn Water Temple. For that matter, I like the story and most of the characters.
  • eternalNoob
  • 9th Apr 12
OK... I can dig the graphics problem, the bland story, and the fact that the characters are just walking exposition, cause let's face it, i hasn't aged well at all in that department, but i don't see how it's repetitive. Its a game where you solve problems, and fight, and that is the genre, Action Adventure. Seriously, of the many problems with the game, i did not expect that.

Oh, and your love ZP shines in this review...just saying.
  • PurpleDalek
  • 9th Apr 12
I had a feeling I was falling victim to Seinfeld Is Unfunny.

"Oh, and your love ZP shines in this review...just saying."

Eh, I've always talked/typed in similes. If anything, ZP just amplified that.
  • SNDL
  • 9th Apr 12
OOT is great, but not perfect. It's not a Sacred Cow.
  • eternalNoob
  • 9th Apr 12
Yeah, Ocarina is a big victim. That's what you get when you trumpet praises for a game that's supposedly better than a threesome in a vat of chocolate mixed with caramel.

And dude, as much as i disagreed with this review at times, the line "repetitive and about as much fun as a five hour lecture on fractions from the world's most boring mathematician" seriously made me laugh.
  • Shrikesnest
  • 24th Apr 12
I'll go one further. A lot of the game's more enjoyable segments are due to the atmosphere it created; when it came out, it was just an incredibly creepy game that really made you feel like you were in the bowels of some godforsaken chasm, being hunted by zombies. Now that we're, what, three console generations hence, it just looks kind of goofy and dated. That always happens to games with a creepy vibe; try playing the original Doom, Darkseed or Silent Hill games after exposure to Bioshock and Dead Space, for example. And even those games will probably seem more goofy than terrifying ten years hence: sooner or later, all you can see are the dated graphics. When I was first exposed to this game, fighting Gohma in a pitch-black room, it was a frenzied experience, and a lot of the game worked that way. It's just not the same now.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 24th Apr 12
Agreed OP. Except I also played it when I was 11 and found it to be boooooring.
  • rthomas2
  • 25th Apr 12
Yeah, completely agree. Every time I played this game, I was waiting for the moment when I understood why people call it the best game of all time. Never came. Fan of Wind Waker and Skyward Sword, though, really love the pacing and characters. And SS is incredibly emotional and heartbreaking for me.
  • Zennistrad
  • 1st May 12
You have to realize that Ocarina of Time INVENTED auto-targeting, probably the most commonly used feature of any 3D action game.
  • Picheleiro
  • 2nd May 12
Some day even the Metal Slug saga will become obsolote...

I dont want to live in that kind of world.
  • Tiamatty
  • 19th Oct 12
I remember playing it when it first came out, when I was 13 or 14. I remember Gohma creeping me right out, and being awe-struck by Volvaggia. The Kakariko Well was horrifying, and sneaking into Hyrule Castle was exciting. I loved the characters, the music always suited the environment, and the gameplay was simple but done well.

I just beat it again on the 3DS, just a couple days ago. I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the story, the characters, the gameplay, the levels, the music. To me, it holds up.
  • eternalNoob
  • 20th Oct 12
Nothing can hold up forever. Some just take a lot of time.
  • eternalNoob
  • 20th Oct 12
Nothing can hold up forever. Some just take a lot of time.
  • MrMouse
  • 20th Oct 12
I'm in this camp as well. I tried so hard to get into this game, be it on the 64, the repackaged version for the gamecube, and even the one for the 3ds. I just couldn't. It felt too plodding and slow. And I know a good adventure (be it game,movie, etc) has some kind of build up, but not one that's this sluggish.
  • JamesPicard
  • 7th Oct 13
Started playing it recently, and while I do agree that the characters seem a little bland, I will say that it IS an old game, and as such it wasn't around for the storytelling advances the industry has made. But expecting it to have a story on the level of Bioshock or Mass Effect is simply setting yourself up for failure. I, for one, and am enjoying simply as a fun romp of an action game, and I think that's really the key here.
  • ElectricNova
  • 8th Oct 13
Yeah, so it's relatively old. Doesn't mean it isn't still fun. I hate this whole historical revionism thing going on with games where we say "lol it's aged and so it's obsolete and not good anymore lul" I Played it the first time in 2008 and I loved it, so not just nostalgia. The gameplay works perfectly well and the story is charming for what it is, which isn't trying to be Tolkien.
  • Bastard1
  • 14th Aug 14
One-dimensional characters and black and white morality all around? Sounds like Tolkien to me.
  • TT454
  • 15th Aug 14
I've never played it, and I'm honestly not in any hurry to do so. I never owned a Nintendo 64. And please don't say "OMG! YOU NEVER PLAYED OOT?! YOU NEVER HAD A NINTENDO 64?! YOU HAD NO CHILDHOOD!" I was THREE when the N64 came out. I was still watching toddler shows. Of course I wouldn't have played it! And, I had a very good childhood thank you very much. I'm saying this because it seems that every time I mention I've never played OOT to people online, I always end up being told by some jerk that my childhood must have automatically sucked because of it. Hope that doesn't happen here.

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