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Reviews Comments: The Game Most Deserving of a Remake Saga Frontier whole series review by Sijo

Of all the games I've played, Saga Frontier is the one that I think deserves to be remade the most. After all, it was released incomplete, with one quest missing (Fuse's) due to time constraints, and some of the Main Quests (notably Lute's) felt shorter than the others. The game has other flaws, such as:

  • Too much stuff (ranging from secret items and characters to whole sidequests) that had no clues as to them, making them way too easy to miss;

  • Similarly, while the ability systems were interesting, they were hard to figure out (I had so much trouble figuring out the combo system I couldn't beat Rikki's next-to-last Boss, who required a "scoring" of combo points to defeat.)

  • Finally, The graphics were too silly for some of the more serious quests (like Asellus'); I also had trouble making things out in the backgrounds, they were too cluttered.

And yet, there was a LOT to enjoy about this game:

  • A far more varied selection of playable characters than even in other Sa Ga games (ranging from a Superhero to A Half-Vampire to a Shapeshifter to a Robot!)

  • A fully realized universe that combined both high fantasy and science fiction in ways seldom seen;

  • Some very good music, especially in the final Boss battles.

  • Plenty of extensive sidequests that could be shared or split among the characters;

  • And of course, the special reward for completing all 7 Main quests.

Sa Ga Frontier could be easily ported over to the PS 2 or PSP with improvements like other games of the PS 1 era have; just improve the graphics, make the gameplay more obvious, and throw in the Missing Quest for extra appeal. This might even lead to a revival of the Sa Ga series in modern consoles.


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