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Goes beyond what I expected.
To tell you the truth, from first impressions I wasn't impressed with the show. It looked too normal, like one of those average cartoon shows that you watch late at night. However, when I watched my first episode(which was the pilot episode, Rollercoaster), I was impressed with what they did on the show. I could relate to the characters on many levels, which is a plus point(barring, of course, the crazy schemes). Also, the running gags of this show never get old, from the "Hey, where's Perry?" to Doofenshmirtz's sad monologues about his life in Gimmelshtump.Thirdly, the songs on the show are awesome on so many levels. From the party atmosphere of "Backyard Beach" to the sadness of "My Nemesis", this shows captures most of the emotion of the show. Finally, the obvious parodying of common aspects of other TV shows makes the show hilarious. Overall, this is a must-watch. You will realize that this is more than just a normal TV show.
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