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Reviews Comments: A surprisingly deep depiction of human nature. Unicorn Jelly whole series review by Tollymaen

As this webcomic starts, it seems to be a fairly lighthearted fantasy. What it becomes by the end, however, is an epic and surprisingly dark science fiction story, dealing with a universe completely alien and different from our own and spanning millenia.

Despite this massively different setting, the story deals mostly with something much closer to real life: human nature. Every human character is exactly that: human. Although some characters do truly monstrous things, they do so with what is, to them, good reason. Much of the cast are murderers or worse.

But every character ultimately believes that the things they do serve a better end. Some characters sacrifice their bodies, lives, hopes, or dreams for others, simply because it was necessary.

Unicorn Jelly is a masterpiece. Although some content may be offensive to some, it accurately depicts people in all their imperfection. And in the end, what started out small and seemingly shallow leads into a distant, yet undisputably bright future for an entire universe.


  • Camacan
  • 26th Jan 10
I had much the same sense of Unicorn Jelly as a work. There is an awful lot of things to get past: the pro-gay theme is laid on pretty thickly, the cutesy visual style jars with the dark actions of the characters. There is a general lack of restraint: even the most reserved characters end up become exaggerated, eventually.

I did keep with the series to the very end, and I have to agree with everything you've said: the cumulative effect of the series is quite profound and rather painful. The image I keep coming back to is the awful fate of those who have to make decisions where no choice will not spill blood.

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