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Reviews Comments: Excellent Episode My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 22 Hurricane Fluttershy episode/issue review by Godzillawolf

I personally think this may be my favorite episode this season, if not so far in the whole show.

I've been bullied, so I can really sympathize with how poor Fluttershy feels in this episode. Her stage fright was also understandable and overall, the whole episode just made me want to huge her and tell her it'll be alright. The fact she was subjected to Break The Cutie three times in one episode probably had a lot to do with that.

Rainbow Dash was in top form in this episode. Yes, she can be a Jerkass sometimes, but she still genuinely loves her friends and tries to comfort Fluttershy the best she can.

Angel trying to comfort Fluttershy was also a great touch. It's nice to see him as he's supposed to be, her best friend and companion.

The tornado scene was just awesome and a MAJOR highlight for the series as a whole. Not only was the effect amazing, Rainbow and Fluttershy's actions and behavior just made the whole scene a Crowning Moment of...EVERYTHING for the entire series. Without a doubt, this is a MUST WATCH EPISODE!



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