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Reviews Comments: Okay. The Nostalgia Chick whole series review by Caligula Sympathizer

Actually, the whole reason why I was watching her was because I wanted to see the characterization tropes. I didn't care too much about the reviewing thing. I know, it's a stupid reason to watch someone- but each to their own, right?

When I watched her review of Pocahontas, I was just pissed. That witch just snarked at a CLASSIC. I was all but ready to flame her- until I rewatched the video again. That was when I calmly considered her arguments and actually AGREED with them.

At first, when you see a video of hers, she just seems like the stereotypically cynical critic, the one who's bent on deconstructing anything that has only even an ounce of idealism. But when you get over the initial disgust and consider her analysis, you find that she's actually talking sense.

Well, by 'you', I'm actually meaning 'me'. But whatever.

The jokes are okay. They're nothing too funny. I appreciate her sarcasm, but I couldn't care too much. I find that her analytic criticism of old classics is actually her strongest point. Nella and that vampire chick (forgot her name), her buddies, are HUGE assets to the show; they represent the idealistic fans of Disney/chick flicks. They make me feel as if I'm not the only one who thinks the Chick's being a bit too mean at times.

That, right there, shows that the Nostalgia Chick isn't considering only her opinions; she's also considering other people's as well. If that isn't human, then I don't know what it is.

Her newest style of discussing tropes is okay. As long as she keeps on feeding us her strong, well-justified examples and reasons, I'm okay with basically anything she criticizes. Not only does she TELL it like it is, she also SHOWS it like it is. And you can't ask for anything more than that either.

So the Chick's a-OKAY in my book.


  • emeriin
  • 27th Mar 12
She's meant to be a Mean Character Nice Actor Jerkass Woobie Know Nothing Know It All person. It's why I love her (and Critic, yay fucked-upness!) so much.
  • CaligulaSympathizer
  • 8th Apr 12
I actually thought that her points were actually pretty good...oh my gosh...could I actually be part of her Misaimed Fandom?!
  • emeriin
  • 8th Apr 12
Shoulda explained better, sorry. >.< When it's for comedy, she's like that (like in the X Men review, remember when she said she knew everything at first but then on Truth Serum she admitted to the show confusing her dumb kid mind?), but when she wants to make a good point (like at the end of TLC), she'll go a bit more normal. So pretty much like most of TGWTG, but for some reason she seems to get a lot of Women Are Inherently Wiser crowd. Apologies for freaking you out.
  • CaligulaSympathizer
  • 9th Apr 12
Oh, whew. That's all right- thank you for explaining.
  • AnsemPaul
  • 21st Jul 12
The Pochantas one was one of her first, and she got funnier over time. Otherwise great review

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