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Reviews Comments: Deeply enjoyable Final Fantasy VI game review by thenameisbean

I never played Final Fantasy VI when I was younger, so when I started playing, I wasn't expecting much. While I had heard great things about it, I expected most of that to be Nostalgia Filter. I'll freely admit that I was wrong. While the game is undoubtedly simple compared to modern epics, within its simplicity lies a certain elegant charm.

Gameplay-wise, it's a standard turn-based system, but with enough little facets and tweaks to make experimentation fun. My only real complaint about the gameplay is that it's rather easy; even before acquiring magic I seldom had trouble, and afterwards I taught all my characters Cure, Life, and Osmose, and barely anything could touch me.

The story is quite simple, but it has aged very well. The characters all have interesting stories and fleshed-out personalities (with the exception of the bonus characters).

Graphically, it's presented nicely. The character sprites and locations are richly detailed and very expressive. When compared to Final Fantasy VII's 3d models, it's obvious which looks better 15+ years after the fact.

All in all, Final Fantasy VI is a solid experience. I have a few minor complaints, like the easiness of the game or some uncommonly frustrating levels. However, nitpicking is unhelpful, and I can overlook a few rough patches. It's a barrel of fun, and if you get the chance, you should try it.


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