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Reviews Comments: The passing of ages Mass Effect 3 whole series review by The Oldest Goat

I figure everything that needs to be said, has been said. Probably better than I can say it. That view touting a possible existentialist interpretation is absolutely brilliant, wahaha! My review is on an aspect that just as much as the plot suddenly disappearing, however. I liked Ash's look in Mass Effect one; hell, I liked the look of most the characters. In the second game, there were was some sexification, but it was even-handed enough. In the third however - I literally cannot see the same person in the lipstick-wearing long haired character they introduced. Heck, even my femmebro Jack had to be feminized; I'm sure in a DLC she'll have a full head of hair that goes down to her knees or whatever. I have nothing against feminine characters in the game - but again, the rather noticeable boob creep {is that like power creep?} combined with the nose 'fixing' the makeup and the 'prettiness' of every random citizen soon went from bugging me to being a defining part of the game. Lines that bothered me, I couldn't help feeling that if they'd spent less time glamorizing the characters, focusing on rippling muscles or lingerie texture the more time Bioware might have had time to add character interaction or fix... Certain glaring DLC advertisements.

What my review boils down to is that if I look that 'good' when I'm fourty or fifty I'm chomp an extra box of cigarettes a day in protest to the ending.


  • CrimsonZephyr
  • 27th Mar 12
Perhaps, but I doubt the same people who render muscles and breasts in such loving detail are the same people writing the story...or perhaps they are and that is the root of the problem. :D
  • CPFMfan
  • 28th Mar 12
This has what to do with the game? This doesn't really count as a review; more like a Headscratchers entry.
  • TheOldestGoat
  • 30th Mar 12
Crimson Zephyr - Truly. I think the problem is more that they'd be much happier working on a standalone project - Sculpturedpec Chiselbra, Marine Adventurer! More seriously though, I don't entirely blame them, or even marketing. It's just annoying to see things creep from one place to another, you know. Which leads over to...

CPF Mfan - My attempt at brevity; most reviews so far were focusing on the (needing to be focused on!) ending. I feel I covered a good point - the transformation from a good, if rather standard SF plot, to a improved sequel, to something that felt unrecognizable - and that makes for just as valid review as any other topic. Part of the problem is of course, the 400 character limit; I'd love to talk about graphics in ME 1 as compared to ME 3, and how similar plot devices were called back, both successfully and unsuccessfully to my mind. But again - 400 characters, and I decided to play it safe and cover the topic that I felt most important, in a somewhat humorous manner. Unfortunately, I lack a sense of humor. ;)

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