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Reviews Comments: Ben 10 Alien Force, a controversial sequel... Ben 10 Alien Force whole series review by Theokal 3

It's well-known by any Ben 10 fan by now that Alien Force is a controversial show. Even before it came up, the show already got criticisms from fans : they didn't like the new aliens' look, find Kevin switching sides ridiculous... I found that silly, and was ready to give the show a try. So I watched it anyway.

And honestly, I don't regret it.

The thing is this show gets, at least for the two first season, a much Darker And Edgier tone. I'll admit, I can imagine some old fans miss the humor from the original show. Still, I can't help but believe it was an improvement : the plot got more coherent, Ben got a good Character Development and became a much more likable character than the brat he was in the original show, and the aliens, while being for some not as impressive as the old ones, were still quite good. I know the original series fans feel like the show went for teen drama and things like that, but I disagree; to me, this show was a nice add to the Ben 10 franchise.

Now, I'll still get to the bad points, cause yeah, there ARE. Sadly, the story has less villains, as the Hightbreeds, the angatonist of season 1 and 2, are present for most of the story arc. It intended to correct this in later episodes, but only a few of the new villains (mainly Albedo and Darkstar) were actually as likable and original as the one in the first Ben 10. Also, while Ben got a good developpement, he sadly ended up overshadowing his teammate, Gwen and Kevin, who despite both possessing large potentials got mostly reduced to minor allies that always got beat up by the ennemies. Finally, an even more annoying point, the third season, apparently due to fans' pressure, attempted to go more light-hearted in order to calm them. The result was.... well, disappointing mostly.

While it was good to see some old villains coming back, Ben got turned back into an immature brat, which didn't make much sense when he was now 15 and made him look like a jerk. The coherent plot was given up for more fillers. While this season still had great moment such as its finale, the introduction of Rath and some others, it was the point where I started feeling disappointed. Though I keep hoping the show can get better eventually...


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 20th Mar 12
You forgot to mention anything about the Gwen/Kevin Romantic Plot Tumor?

I also disagree that the Darker And Edgier tone was an improvement in any way. The original Ben10 was mainly focused being on what superhero shows should be; FUN. Changing the tone to make it darker cheapened it and sucked the fun right out of the series, leaving it mostly bland and boring instead. And that's not getting into the show getting too "alien obsessed."
  • qtjinla15
  • 20th Mar 12
I disagree. Something can be both fun, yet serious in a way where it isn't childish and annoying. Being a superhero can be fun, but still remembering there can be consequences and you can't just punch your way through everything. Having a hero who uses common sense, foresight, and intelligent from time to time would make things fresh.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 20th Mar 12
^ Ben's 10 years old in the original show: he's not always going to be like that. Now admitedlly, there should have been much better Character Development for him and Gwen both than what there was, but even then their 10 year old selves are preferable to the total angsty bores they are now.

And at least the original show was fun at all. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were often...not.
  • Theokal3
  • 14th May 12
That's your opinion. I found the Darker tone and arc-based plot much more enjoyable than the original series, who was mostly a Villain Of The Week (safe for some cool story arcs like Kevin 11 or Vilgax) scheme and had some jokes that just weren't that funny (though I'll admit a lot of them were). Also what do you mean Superheroes should be fun ? Do you think Spawn is fun ? How about Punisher ? The non-silver age version of Batman ? They don't seem that funny to me. Does this prevent them from being enjoyable in series ? I don't think so.

Honestly, it's your right to not like AF and its take on the show. Just tolerate some fans actually like it.

As for the Romantic Plot Tumor, I merely didn't consider useful to talk about it. You have all the thing you want about it in the YMMV page.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 11th Sep 12
Do you think Spawn is fun? How about Punisher?

No, I never thought they were fun, and I never liked them. Their kind can go to Hell.

The non-silver age version of Batman?

Ideally, yes, that should be fun. Not because Batman himself is a fun guy, but because his adventures are so exciting, his supporting cast varied, and his villains so outrageously demented. That's what made Batman: The Animated Series such a fun show: not Batman (who needs to be grim), but his adventures, supporting cast, and rogues' gallery.

They don't seem that funny to me.

I said fun, not funny. There's a difference.
  • qtjinla15
  • 11th Sep 12
It seems more along the lines of your personal bias coloring your judgement.
  • Theokal3
  • 16th Aug 13
I agree with qtijinia. When I review a show, i try being more or less objective and criticize the points that I feel are mistakes no matter what. Weither you like or dislike the darker tone isn't objective; it's a matter of personnal taste. Coherence, on the other hand, is a real thing.

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