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Reviews Comments: Continuing My Review Gor issue/book review by Game Fan

So I've read up to Assassins of Gor. Norman's thoughts on proper gender roles get progressively more page time and become progressively creepier (and I say this thinking that the happy slave girls are adorable). It's worth mentioning that by the end of Assassins it's still considered a positive thing to free a slave, the Gorean saying that only a fool does so is shown repeatedly to be wrong.

If you can get past that, but let's be honest you probably won't, it's clear that a good deal of thought has been put into these books. A Chekhovs Gun that takes four books to fire is quite impressive as are the work put into the cultures. Even the Starfish Alien "Priest-Kings" are well developed as different from humans in almost every way. Or to put it another way he's clearly smart and while that doesn't make him right (in fact I can guarantee that the series will offend you at some point) it does make taking a look at this series worthwhile even if find the slave-girls more disturbing than cute.


  • CaptainPedant
  • 29th Nov 10
That's Assassin, singular - there is only one of 'em in the book (and he is an impostor). The House of Cernus features some very disturbing incidents which aren't subsequently made any more of in the series - for instance, the virgin slaves who are raised ignorant of the existence of an anatomically different gender, to be sold for perverted entertainment when they are fully grown - but it should be remembered that Cernus himself is categorically a slimeball and presumably at least part of his customer base is as well. Good review!

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