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Reviews Comments: A Joyride, No Matter Your Age Codename Kids Next Door whole series review by Rookiez 78

This must certainly have been a task for the production team: create a story about an organization of kids who refuse to do their homework, brush their teeth, and most of all listen to other adults because adults are bad!

Fortunately, that team has not only made a show that executes this iffy premise, but do so with more TLC than the premise in question would ever have warranted. KND stands out from other cartoons (heck, even live-action shows) as a show that is completely in love with its own concept and sense of humor, not only pulling out all the stops in creating Looney Tunes level hijinks (some may call it silly, but hey, stealing birthday cake has never been so epic), but building the world and its characters layer upon layer to create something with an identity of its own. While this show isn't innocent of using send-ups to create a good chunk of its stories, what is original to the show is executed with a ton of gutso. The show is consistently easy on the eyes, getting only more colorful with its imagery in later seasons. The voice acting is also appropriately hammy, with a cast of veterans whom you can tell are having all too much fun behind the mike, and yet carry out their characters with humor and heart.

But beyond the roar and clamor at the surface, does KND have much else to offer? Well, as said before, this show loves its concept wholeheartedly; not only what it is, but what it can be. The core Sector V kids and their regular adversaries could logically make up a passable cartoon, but the show never settles on those grounds. With new operatives and villains (both child and adult), the story keeps expanding until it stands as its own world, and in its more serious moments gets down in discussing just what it means to basically have a childhood, stand up for friends and your beliefs, and in a neatly ironic twist, just on how age doesn't dictate who you are as a person.

Still, that's getting too analytical over what really is a joyride for the young and young at heart to enjoy. It doesn't get nearly into much depth as it could with the themes I mentioned, but they're certainly themes that most can appreciate. Simply put, Codename: Kids Next Door stands as a goofy concept turned into a well-written, very creative story that hopefully won't be forgotten with the sands of time.


  • beeruckzII
  • 22nd Mar 12
Well put! :)
  • Ryruko
  • 22nd Mar 12
I agree with you, my fellow cartoon watcher. Though I must say, I never quite understood the modern cartoonist's fascination with things of a gross nature. For instance, the “icky”, albeit, comical system that identifies the operatives by their boogers. The one that really stuck with me was Number 2’s “film noir” episode that followed the investigation of several “pink-eye attacks.” As it turns out The school’s nurse is infecting kids with pink eye so that she can harvest the “crust” to make her crumble cakes.. Other than that, the series has always been fun. I especially enjoy the series’ nod to Star Wars. Fantastic post!

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