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Reviews Comments: IT BURNS IT BURNS # 640 whole series review by Mikado

There are books that stand out in the literature canon forever and twilight is one of them. This piece of literature does not stand out for it's quality. Instead, these books stand out for one thing: That is being a new level of irredeemably terrible. Between the sparkles, the vapid characters, fan-fic level writing and other flaws of it there almost no redeemin value to these works. Twilight is the literal damnation of modern teen literature and should be cited in every writing class as an example of how not to write. Their only redeeming value is that of being flammable. Then again, that statement presumes the book are even worth burning in any context besides that of an auto de fé for the author.

Twilight will go down in history as book that set back the horror genre for decades and killed the entire genre of vampire romance. The chances of vampires recovering from the effects of twilight is extremely low. Very few works are terrible to the point of being genre killing, and twilight counts as possibly being the first of that dubious pantheon. I would literally rather slowly read all 971 pages of the FATAL sourcebook, than ever read twilight again.


  • 23rd Jan 10
You know, Straha, I'm shocked you bothered to read Twilight in the first place, even if it was for this purpose.


The REAL Mikado. ;)
  • Mikado
  • 14th Feb 10
I read it for the lulz.
  • 5th Apr 10
Do they really stand out though? I don't know much about Twilight, but I suspect there are books and films which are equally bad, even in that specific genre...just none that have received such hype! Don't let them stand out, just forget them...
  • ncfan
  • 31st Aug 10
Hi. Personally, I would like to point out that I think my fanfiction is on a slightly better level than Twilight. Other than that, I agree with everything you've written. Meyer brutally murdered the vampire mythos.

  • LOLin8or
  • 9th Oct 10

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