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Reviews Comments: Mass Effect 3 is... Mass Effect 3 game review by Master Zero

Well, let's point out the good stuff first.

1. Character writing is superb. Some of the best I've seen. I feel like these characters are real, sometimes. One of my favorite scenes will forever be seeing Garrus and my Male Shep just...being happy. Talking, shooting bottles, and just acting like friends.

2. Gameplay is fun. I don't know about everyone, but I loved my Vanguard as he flung evildoers into the air and blasted them. Weapons are great. Powers are fun. Gameplay is awesome.

3. There's so much continuity. So many references to past adventures. I feel like this is the end to my Shepard's continuity. Really, I feel like that isn't just a Shepard, I feel like its THE Shepard. MY Shepard.

So fun gameplay, amazing characters, and just a fun adventure, through and through...So what's wrong with it?

1. Disc swapping is a tad annoying. It was a bit of a problem at first, but it thankfully ended as I progressed.

2. Tali's face. Yeah, okay, a bit of a cop out, but I don't care. I love her still, for her personality, even if her real face is...unimaginative.

3. And of course, the endings. Yeah...What can I say that others haven't? Well for one thing, I'm not as heartbroken and rage induced as others. Do I find them disappointing? Yes, sadly, I do. Do I think they're god awful? No. I think that if they were polished and fixed, it could have ended better. I hate to say this, but I do wish there was a more black and white choice. A simple, 'Take control of the Reapers and make humanity on top.' and 'Destroy or exile the Reapers.' thing. Cliche, and obvious, but I would have preferred it, to be honest. For what its worth, I looked it as happily as I could. Is it what I wanted? No. Would I change it if I could? Probably.

But it doesn't ruin the game. Characters are still amazingly written. Gameplay is outrageously fun. Everything looks beautiful. There are background conversations that make me tear up inside. My romance with Tali made me smile. No, the game isn't perfect, but the ending doesn't ruin it for me, and I believe it shouldn't ruin it for you. The game itself is still an amazing ride, even if the end is...bumpy. And forced in.


  • Valiona
  • 25th Jun 12
Which version did you play that required disc swapping? On the PC, I only had to switch disks during the installation process.

I agree that using a photoshopped stock photo for Tali's face is quite lazy, and there's a part of me that can't accept it as her real face.

Your commentary on the ending is quite good, as well as a reasonable criticism. I would have liked to have seen a choice of endings similar to the decision on Rannoch, in which if you're less prepared, you must choose what you see as the lesser evil, but with enough preparations, you can choose an ideal outcome.
  • tsstevens
  • 26th Jun 12
Hell yeah. I actually suggested this as one of the possible extended endings...have 1000 on Galactic Readiness at 100% and the Crucible works like a charm, and Shepard either dies if pure renegade or saved by his\her special ops commandos from multiplayer. Kill two birds with one stone.
  • InsanityPrelude
  • 5th Feb 13
Belated comment re: disc swapping: I have the Xbox 360 version and I had to swap disks... around the second Priority: Citadel mission, I think? Might have had to switch them at the final mission, too, but that's all. ME 2 was the same way.
  • tsstevens
  • 5th Feb 13
You're right, it does. I think the third game is a little different in that you keep swapping discs, but Mass Effect 2 does so after Horizon and the suicide mission uses disc one again, with DLC and side missions being accessible on both.
  • AnSTH
  • 12th Sep 13
I had to keep swapping discs every few hours for some reason. Definitely not just two or three times.

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