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Reviews Comments: In Defense The Nostalgia Chick whole series review by Patachou

The Nostalgia Chick is a very individualistic presenter with her own particular style. Her comedy is more sarcastic and her reviews more analytical than most other presenters on the site of That Guy With The Glasses. This sets her apart in a positive way. Some of the Channel Awesome presenters are merely trying to imitate the Nostalgia Critic without actually being funny, interesting or memorable. Others have found their own particular and genuinely entertaining and interesting style. The Nostalgia Chick is one of them. Whether you like her style is a matter of personal taste, but at least she does research about her topics and only her pseudonym resembles the Nostalgia Critic. Her reviews go beyond the usual "that scene was cool, just because" opinions of MANY Internet reviewers. And compared with a lot of her rivals she at least remains critical about her subject matter, without pandering off into the "I loved this film as a child and therefore I cannot say anything negative about this" territory. Even as a Disney fan, I'm glad that at least SOMEBODY dares to criticize the company and its output with good and solid argumentations. There are already millions of people who simply worship anything by Disney, simply because they are easily pleased by any cute, bland, routinical Disney product and cannot look any further than their own personal infantile nostalgia.


  • emeriin
  • 5th Mar 12
As much as I love the Chick (as well as making character comparisons with her and the Critic because I'm a sucker for that kinda thing), this is what gets to me about some of her fanbase. They're not just content with praising her, they have to look down on other TGWTG contributors. They're all really good friends, is that really necessary?

Note: I know this wasn't as bad as some, but gosh a girl needs to rant sometimes.
  • Patachou
  • 5th Mar 12
When you compare the individual TGWTG contributors with each other there are obvious differences in quality. Some of them really have talent, others simply don't arise above the average youngster in front of a webcam. It's not a question of sympathy, more a question of quality. While some of the weaker TGWTG contributors can be amusing in a supporting role: they still suffer from being too amateuristic, especially considering most of the contributors (including the Nostalgia Critic himself) started off as amateurs. The continuous crossovers and cameos often come over as attempts to make these less popular reviewers a bit more likeable in the eyes of the site's viewers. I don't hate any of them, because if I really did I would just start naming all the reviewers I don't like on the site and compare them to the ones that are obviously much better. I merely want to defend the Chick because she at least isn't just some uninspired clone of the Nostalgia Critic. Most of the criticism aimed at her videos comes from people who just adore "chick flicks" and girly stuff and don't like Lindsay's deservedly sarcastic deconstructions of all these bland, simplistic and cute films.

  • emeriin
  • 5th Mar 12
I guess I just see the reviews (as in what they're reviewing) as like a backdrop to all the character stuff, that's why I love crossovers, cameos and the anniversaries so much. But that's just my opinion really.
  • CaligulaSympathizer
  • 8th Apr 12
:D Yeah! I totally agree!
  • AnsemPaul
  • 21st Jul 12
Perfect review

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