Reviews Comments: The greatest let's player of all time.

The greatest let's player of all time.
This guy rocks. He's great at the games that he does, knows about almost any secret in it, and, of course, is as hilarious. If it's because of his frustration in an annoying part of the game, or one of his jokes, I almost always laugh. For instance, when he tried (and failed repeatedly) to win the dog race in his Majora's mask let's play. Or his Fountain of Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffff!And I swear that I wouldn't even bother seeing the Runaway Guys, if it weren't for him. His flaws are minimal, and he'll show you almost anything you want to know about a game he's let's playing. He is the greatest let's player, and one of the greatest people on the internet.


I don't know. I've been subbed for a few years now, and you start to notice some flaws. I wouldn't say he's the best. He knows what he's doing, no one can argue that if they'd just watch, but I wouldn't say he's the best.
comment #13227 MosquitoMan 12th Mar 12
...For me, his only flaws are that he almost never posts things that he says that "they will come back for later". Yes, I'm looking at you, other 2 stray beads from Okami.
comment #13251 SparkEletran 13th Mar 12
He is irritating to listen to and the things he says make me pissed off at him. Its always a pleasure to stop watching a video that he is in.
comment #19199 LeithSol 30th Apr 13
@Leith Sol Your opinion. I think he's hilarious, but he can be pretty bad in the game he's playing. Then again, his anger from that causes even more funny moments.
comment #19200 Awesomekid42 30th Apr 13
I love Chugga's videos, and the only annoying thing is his missing deadlines, but I still love him as he acknowledges his lack of ability to meet deadlines.
comment #25243 EeveeMistress 17th Jul 14

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