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Fighting on the Planet's Side-
Ah, man. This was the stuff. Waiting for my parents to come home from work, watching an episode of this I'd recorded. Nostalgia aside, though - how does a series like Captain Planet - well known for it's cheesiness, heavy-handedness and sometimes complete lack of research - actually compare? I gave a few episodes a looksee in preparation, and then was shocked to find myself enjoying the show not just for it's admittedly silly charm, but for it's own merits. There are a lot of cool things introduced in the episodes, both factual and 'almostfactual' that I remember looking up as a kid and that spurred me on into interest in the sciences and history. And when the show works, it works well. There are a few episodes that are genuinely powerful, moving, or frightening. And the core cast? Sure, they can be silly, but they're enjoyable to watch and that counts for a lot.

In the end, I find it's a lot like this. If you are the sort of person who goes entirely on popular opinion, don't go into it; if you've already made up your mind about it, there won't be anything to change it. If you're of mixed opinions, or easily change your mind about something, give it a try. Surprisingly enjoyable, with a positive and deliciously cheesy message that might just cause you to find out more on your own, even if only to laugh at the show itself. So, there you have it. Captain Planet is an enjoyable, entertaining, even educational show.

The power is yours!


Okay, but what the heck kinda power is heart?
comment #13380 tublecane 22nd Mar 12
Clearly it's the power to manipulate cells.
comment #13414 Wackd 23rd Mar 12
Using the power of heart, you can see what cute forest animals are thinking and empathize with people!

And give people heart attacks at long range!

Well, I thought that would be an interesting use for it, anyway.
comment #13468 TheOldestGoat 27th Mar 12

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