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I agree with you that many of the songs have gotten lame; with forced rhymes and lyrics that just say what's happening on screen.....but Doofenshmirtz has a GREAT voice, IMO, nowhere close to being "eternally terrible".
comment #13040 ManwiththePlan 3rd Mar 12
Sometimes I think Dan tries to pull off too much, vocal-wise (I can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but he really can't do falsetto when he's throwing his voice like he does with Doof), but when he has a song that's good for his range, like "I Really Don't Hate Christmas", he actually sounds pretty good.
comment #13044 JackAlsworth 4th Mar 12
Yeah, the songs are lame.
comment #13130 StrawhatYoshi 9th Mar 12
So instead of giving a review of the series, you give a review on songs...uh huh.
comment #13259 DavidtheMouse14 13th Mar 12
^^ I didn't mean his singing voice, I meant his voice in general. Describing Doof as having "the eternally terrible voice he's been given" just doesn't sit right with me, since I find Doof's voice very fitting and hilarious.
comment #13268 ManwiththePlan 14th Mar 12
Oh. Oh yes. I completely agree with you there.
comment #13270 JackAlsworth 14th Mar 12
Some of yous are crazy...Not trying change your views though. And no ManwiththePlan. Just no.
comment #13272 KorenSteen 15th Mar 12 (edited by: KorenSteen)
the songs are amazing. there's a reason we have a crowning music of awesome subpage for this show
comment #13520 RobbieRotten 29th Mar 12
Then again, they're all just, YMMVs
comment #13871 KorenSteen 17th Apr 12
I partly agree. Songs from the first and second seasons like "Squirrels in my Pants", "Busted", "Me, myself and I" or "Mobile Mammal" among many others, are awesome, but most songs starting season 3 plain suck. The fact that said songs are sung by offscreen singers instead of the show characters doesn't help.The only exception would be "Run Candace Run".
comment #15443 HappyMan 19th Jul 12
Personally, I think all the songs are funny and cleaver
comment #15774 Redtutel 12th Aug 12

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