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Reviews Comments: Steadily becoming one of the better things to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 7-15) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE arc review by Steam

Finally got around to start work on Asemu's arc now and I thought it'd be best to go back and wrap up the second half of Flit's arc, which is where stuff really started to change for the better.

The Fardain arc had its share of detractors but it wasn't that bad compared to some of the ridiculousness in past shows and the kids were a very brief feature in it. And the rest of it was pretty cool; we got to see the Titus and G-Exes debut and Largan got to fight again (if only to job but he put up an admirable effort!) I rather enjoyed the capstone of that arc too, with the large space battle pitting the Euba, Zalam, and Diva forces all going up against the UE, and the UE forces actively trying to re-ignite hostilities between the Fardain militias. We were also finally introduced to the Sparrow/Spallow/whatever mode for AGE, which gets creativity points for having guns in its knees and all those thrusters to justify its mobility.

The final stretch of Flit's arc ended up having a whole host of plot twists too, including introducing the Newtype equivalent, finally revealing the truth about the Vegans, and of course finally making good on all of Yurin's death flags. And honestly, I feel the sequence with Yurin was handled a hell of a lot better than most of the ones we've gotten recently, including Unicorn's. She wasn't so much fighting as just being a conduit for Desil to control another mobile suit, and the girl was emotionally frail enough I could imagine the Vegans manipulating her into their demands. And she obviously wasn't happy about it at all, either, more trying to be happy but still feeling sad that she had to meet Flit again that way. The scene following her death was pretty touching too.

I know a lot of people still probably dislike AGE, and they're allowed to do that. But the show really is a huge blast for me. It's been a damn long while since I've watched a Gundam series and not wanted to punch someone for being an asshole. Not to say there aren't horrible people in AGE, I just look forward to them being on-screen because I know eventually they'll get what's coming to them. The designs are fine too. Yeah a lot of them are basic but in Flit's era mobile suit technology was horribly outdated, and in Asemu's we see it improving.

Can't wait to see how Asemu's arc will unfold.


  • iridium248
  • 2nd Mar 13
In hindsight, I'm still amazed at how wrong you are, and how horribly it turned out.
  • flamemario12
  • 25th Apr 13
@Iridium To be fair, this series gone terribly wrong at Kio's Arc.
  • Steam
  • 1st Jan 14
Yeah. It's rather depressing how bad Kio's arc shat over everything.

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