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Reviews Comments: Not really worth recommending in retrospect. A Mothers Love fanfic review by Super Saiya Man

A Mother's Love is an epic story which starts with Kushina surviving to take care of Naruto...but it starts going downhill from there. Kushina is a trademark Purity Sue who can get away with murder-literally. Strange how shegets that right, but the Uchiha, the Hyuga, and other clans don't. Throughout the entire story, no one gives her a What The Hell Hero and The Reason You Suck Speech about her tendencies to murder in cold blood even though it'd be far easier, and less likely to cause villagers to hate and fear you to redirect them off your property.

Now onto Naruto. He loses the Lovable Loser that his canon self is, barely works hard, but is practically Jonin level right from his graduation at the Academy. He's a God Mode Sue to the max. Lord Of The Land Of Fire tries justifying it by having him learn jutsu and stuff from his mother...but Naruto has never been that good at that stuff in canon. He doesn't act like an idiot anymore, and loses the Nice Guy self he is in canon. Never mention the only half-way decent fight is against Itachi-twice. Most of Naruto's opponents either fall easily, or he just Curbstomp Battle them. Though that's another topic.

For Hinata. I am a Hinata fan, she is the person that I want to get with Naruto. However, Lord of Fire makes her a Purity Sue who can do no wrong and as others pointed out...her cosplaying as the White Queen at age 12 is rather disturbing.

He also has a tendency to kill off fan favorite characters without little buildup or reason. He defends this 'I kill off Naruto and Hinata too in other stories'. However...Gaara gets killed with little preamble (thus no Not So Different interaction between him and Naruto), Sakura gets her neck snapped by Sasuke, and Sasuke (who is a bigger Jerk Ass than in canon) gets fodderized by a KN 4 Naruto right after Sasuke awakened the Mangekyo. All of which is bad writing.

Finally? He can't write action. He doesn't have a flow of a scene there, and thus, cops out by having Naruto Curbstomp his enemies rather unsatisfying. He even turned Akatsuki into mooks and killed them all with one of Naruto's new attacks! Including Pain and Kisame! And he does this every single fic too!

As a whole, its a bad story with only people who love the God Mode Sue Naruto who like and defend it.


  • VeryMelon
  • 24th Feb 12
Absolutely spot on.

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