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Reviews Comments: I'm smiling, but something's not right here. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 18 A Friend In Deed episode/issue review by Omni Sonic

So here we have the second Pinkie Pie episode this season, and her most cartoonish appearance to date. She sings more than in any other episode, reality couldn't get much more broken without Discord around, and the energy never drops! All of which bugs the hell out of Cranky Doodle Donkey, a curmudgeon moving into Ponyville with isolation on his mind.

Pinkie tries to make friends with Cranky in varying degrees of obsessiveness, energy, and common sense, but Cranky remains unmoved. When Pinkie's antics destroy one of Cranky's prized possessions, he tells her off for good. Or it would be for good if it were anypony but Pinkie Pie, who rallies once more and melts Cranky's icy heart by reuniting him with a long-lost love.

This episode gave me every reason to love it: there's a fleshed-out awesome song and several smaller ones, it stars Pinkie Pie, the animation is exemplary and the gags are hilarious. So why am I not enthralled by such a display? Well, it all comes down to story.

Throughout the episode, Cranky is sympathetic; he's not really doing anything wrong by ignoring Pinkie, and his treatment at her hands gets pretty rough and embarrassing. I find it difficult to root for Pinkie's efforts when it's clear they end up worsening the relationship. Sure she has good intentions, but she still doesn't take Cranky's feelings into much consideration.

She does do a few things right, like getting him a new toupee or finding his lost love. Which is actually the other problem I had with the story; Matilda, another donkey who turns out to be Cranky's Shallow Love Interest from X-ty years ago. There's not even foreshadowing on her being the lost love; Pinkie Pie only figures it out from her creepily thorough knowledge of everypony in Ponyville. Oh, and if Cranky searched Equestria for her after they met in Canterlot, how was Ponyville not the first place he looked?

I found my opinion on this episode to be similar to that of "The Last Roundup", an episode that had a few plot problems but had a lot of cartoon flair to the point where I could overlook the holes. This episode was even more cartoonish, but the problems have swelled accordingly and I can't let these go. It's a shame too, because I really liked "The Last Roundup" even disregarding Derpy. This episode put a smile on my face, but it was only skin deep.


  • Exarian
  • 18th Feb 12
I think the whole point of the episode was that pinkie was in the wrong in how she was treating him. I mean, she was the one learning the lesson anyway, not him. even near the end she was trying to apologize instead of be his friend.

I felt awkward and bad for cranky because that was the point. pinkie was wrong. she was showing what not to do.
  • SolarFox
  • 19th Feb 12
Why should he choose Ponyville as his first place to look? Ponyville is a backwater. Manehatten and Fillydelphia are much more obvious targets.
  • McSomeguy
  • 19th Feb 12
I felt like they overdid it with the Cartoon Physics in this episode, and the lack of foreshadowing about Matilda was indeed somewhat jarring. Still, it was funny.
  • DarkSasami
  • 19th Feb 12
He met Matilda at the Grand Galloping Gala. Of course he didn't look in Ponyville! Nopony who is anypony comes from — *sniff* — Ponyville.
  • OmniSonic
  • 19th Feb 12
Even if Pinkie being wrong is the point, the episode exaggerates it to absolutely absurd levels. I'm not sure how pointing out the donkey is bald in front of the whole town square is supposed to win over the donkey at all, though it was funny.

I couldn't fit in my justification for the "first place you looked" thing due to the character limit, but I originally pointed out that if Cranky was really searching all over Equestria, you'd think that the town clearly visible from the kingdom would be the first place to look. If he just wanted to search the big cities, well that's simply his own fault. I realize he had pretty much nothing to go on besides "she attended the Grand Galloping Gala" but that can't be a strong enough support on its own for only looking in more urban areas.
  • Exarian
  • 19th Feb 12
> I'm not sure how pointing out the donkey is bald in front of the whole town square is supposed to win over the donkey at all

but that's the thing. it wasn't. that was supposed to demonstrate how bad pinkie was being.
  • OmniSonic
  • 19th Feb 12
Well it certainly accomplishes that, but why in Equestria would she do it to begin with?! There's being Innocently Insensitive, and then there's just plain idiocy. I know Pinkie is kind of scatterbrained and tends to live on the edge, but she seriously needs to start considering the consequences of her actions before doing them. Of course, that won't happen because her mad impulses are part of what makes her hilarious.
  • animefanboy67
  • 14th Apr 14
Seriously? Am i the only one here that doesnt feel sorry for cranky and thought it was funny that pinkie did all that to him? This the problem i have with loners they are bitchy and assholes you try to be nice to them and they freakin yell at you like you stepped on their toe or something. If anything i feel sorry pinkie and i would love to shoot that miserable donkey in the face for upsetting pinkie who was only trying to be nice. I bet people who sympathize with him are the same people who would punch a girl scout in the face for ringing their doorbell or yelling at their neighbors for partying on a Saturday night.

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