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Reviews Comments: I rarely get nightmares, if at all. Higurashi When They Cry episode/issue review by lilpurplebird

That is, until I started reading the manga.

You wouldnít believe how unhealthily obsessive it can be to get a good scare. I watched the anime first, and I did like it, even if I cringed through the violent moments. After a few times, I got used to it. I later played the Onikakushi-hen part of the Visual Novel, and it got me shaken up. So I was ready to read the manga, and boy was I unprepared.

Kudos to the illustrators, they are awesome. Itís some of the most gorgeous artwork Iíve seen in a manga. I can tell theyíre working off the Visual Novels more than the anime, but the pacing is perfect. I will be reading an arc, knowing what to expect at the end, but the artwork and the different interpretations will catch me off-guard. By the end of the arc, Iím scared out of my mind. So far, the honor of messing me up for a few hours goes to ending of the "Eye-Opening" arc, it was a HUGE mistake to read it at night and alone in my room. Still, it remains my favorite arc in the story.

This is the series that has gotten me into murder-mysteries and the horror genre better than anything else Iíve seen. While I am pretty sure this isnít good for me to be so obsessed with it, Iím enjoying the horrors and story of Higurashi, and am looking forward to future volume releases from Yen Press, theyíre doing an amazing job.

If you like horror, then this is the series for you. If you donít like horror but enjoy a good story, then this will get you into the horror genre, if not psychological-thrillers, eventually. Are you prepared for a good scare? You think you are, but youíre not. Still, youíll get the scare. The paranoia is a side-thing, itíll wear off.



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