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Very funny. :D
comment #1566 DoltBoy 31st Dec 09
You really should have some sort of joke review disclaimer on this. At least I hope so.
comment #1574 Darkblade 1st Jan 10
Everything has fans. But he sounds better on his profile so probably a joke.
comment #1576 Libros 2nd Jan 10
10/10, would laugh again.
comment #1581 LoserGamerBritt 2nd Jan 10
Libros: Yah, FATAL is horrible but that's why I find it hilarious.
comment #1585 Mikado 3rd Jan 10
So...we have Troll Review?
comment #1592 Kuruni 3rd Jan 10
I suppose. Or it could stand as a relic to an alternate world where Byron Hall actually did research and didn't focus on his fetishistic urges and FATAL redefined fantasy roleplaying.
comment #1594 Mikado 3rd Jan 10
Oh dear god, I thought you were serious for a few seconds
comment #1680 The Stray 17th Jan 10
Is that you Hall?
comment #1697 RegShoe 18th Jan 10
comment #1736 NoMoreSanity 24th Jan 10
lol utrolus
comment #1804 Haven 5th Feb 10
At first I was like >:O

But then, I LOL'd.
comment #1814 6th Feb 10
Actually, the dude dis a lot of research. He cites some of the books, too. When he's not pulling shit out of his ass, Hell's pretty accurate.
comment #1874 JBridge 16th Feb 10 (edited by: JBridge)
FATAL: Historically accurate, except when history isn't rapey enough.
comment #1932 Mr.Wednesday 27th Feb 10
The authors' main problem is failing to understand "realism", as realism is not determined by an amount of real-life concepts reflected in-game, but rather by precision of reflection of separate concepts and the system as whole.
comment #1980 Aminatep 4th Mar 10 (edited by: Aminatep)
When he's not pulling shit out of his ass, Hell's pretty accurate.

Nice Freudian slip there.
comment #2405 HeartBurnKid 1st May 10
Oh, I think that was deliberate.

And accurate.
comment #2878 Count Dorku 16th Jun 10
Byron? Is that you?
comment #4006 TBTabby 15th Aug 10
Byron? Is that you?

It's a joke review; the reviewer admitted it as such in an earlier comment.
comment #4150 dragonfire5000 25th Aug 10
It's a classic, alright.
comment #4318 Saieras 5th Sep 10
Someone seriously rated this down? Do they just not get sarcasm?
comment #5264 Lime 27th Nov 10

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