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You might want to assume that Hanlons Razor is in effect here; it might have been just another error, more (probably accidentally) offensive than most of the others but still just another continuity and research mistake rather than some ignorant commentary.
comment #12999 Rationalinsanity 28th Feb 12
Let just give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume they ment to say overcoming autism.
comment #13000 joeyjojo 28th Feb 12
This isn't really a review. More of a rant. But I agree, the way the author handled autism was full of Unfortunate Implications.
comment #13015 PurpleDalek 29th Feb 12
I shall agree with joeyjojo here and hope he is right about Mr. Dietz meaning to say overcoming autisim and not outgrowing autism. If he did mean for it to be outgrowing autism, however...well, at least we can be happy a revision is coming. It's supposed to fix the Continuity Snarl, that we know...perhaps that particular error will be fixed, too? If not, Dietz, Del Rey and Bio Ware have a bit of explaining to do. And, no, I won't accept "We didn't know" as an answer, for, as this fellow said, it can be looked up on Google in a pretty short amount of time.
comment #14353 SamMax 18th May 12 (edited by: SamMax)
This isn't a review, it's a rant full of caps-lock and exclamation marks. I'm gonna go ahead and flag this.
comment #23124 Hainuwele 5th Feb 14

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