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Reviews Comments: Second Best Zelda Game The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker episode review by Eddie Valiant,Jr.

The Wind Waker gets a lot of hate, none of which it deserves. We've all heard the back-and-forth dung-flicking about "kiddification" on one side and "uncomfortable with your masculinity" on the other, and I'm not going there. The hate I'm talking about is the hate it gets strictly as a game. It's been called slow, ugly, weird, a black sheep. I'm here to argue that it's none of those things. It's a spiffy lollipop of a game, one that brings back the most interesting aspects of The Legend Of Zelda franchise as a whole and adds its own, unique brand of flavoring. After Ocarina Of Time, this is quite possibly the best of the lot.

Remember that thing Shigeru Miyamoto said about wanting the franchise to be about exploring the world as a young child? The Wind Waker is probably the purest realization of that dream. A lot of eyebrows have been raised about the animesque art style, but say what you will about it, it did a bang-up job of presenting the world as disorted through the eyes of a young boy: clashing colors, strange proportions, light and dark as utterly separate entities that never, ever merge. The cartoony look and feel of the game paved the way for things you can't do in the realistic installments. A frightened Link is surrounded by dark, angular, hollow shapes; a place of safety is soft, round, candy-colored.

The sailing is probably the most controversial aspect of it. I have no problem with it. It makes the whole business of moving around a bit more obtuse than it needs to be, but it serves another purpose: it adds a tinge of the foreign to Link's interaction with both his environment and its inhabitants. Never before has encountering a great fairy felt so much like discovering kindness in an intimidating stranger for the first time; meeting and working with Medli is a little boy's first interaction with the opposite sex; doing the same with Makar allows you to rediscover what it feels like to care for someone younger. And when Link steps off the King of Red Lions and onto a strange new island, he becomes Ulysses, wondering what strange new threats await him on lands unknown.

The Wind Waker is far from the low point of the series; it's a fresh approach to an old ballgame.

If you haven't played it, do. If you have, it's time to play it again.


  • BattleMage
  • 22nd Apr 10
Finally, this game gets the respect it deserves!
  • Krayorik
  • 26th Apr 10
I completely agree. There was something I always liked about this game, but I could never quite put my finger on it. This reveiew sums it up extremely well.
  • Etheru
  • 8th Jun 10
Yeah, I loved this game, when I played Twilight Princess, while it was the Wii version, something felt... Missing. I went to play Wind Waker again, and I played for a while, it felt like a Zelda game should, rather than Twilight Princess, which felt like it was strictly for the Ocarina fans. Twilight Princess is good in it's own right, I just feel Wind Waker works better.
  • 13th Jul 10
exactly when i played the first demos of it i knew that the game was going to be up to the standards of the zelda franchise regardless of the jarring at the time art style Twilight princess is a great zelda game but Wind waker is just really fun if your not stuck in such a toxic mindset of the hatedom this game has.
  • BinaryEmperor
  • 22nd Jul 10
When I saw the first trailers for Wind Waker, I was horrified. I vowed to never play it and always speak of it poorly. Well, I eventually grew out of whiny prepube kid mode and sort of forgot I even had a grudge towards it. After I played it a few years after it came out. I found it to be one of my favorite additions of the Zelda series.
  • Strife89
  • 2nd Aug 10
You, sir, know how to write a review. :)
  • Thormy
  • 12th Aug 10
I always imagined that Wind Waker is what 8-bit Zelda looks like in a higher resolution. I love the sailing, it's some of my favorite part of the game.

Great game, interesting bosses and dungeons - but suprisingly easy end boss.
  • t3hdow
  • 20th Nov 10
I agree with almost everything posted, though Wind Waker suffers from one of the most mindbogglingly long and tedious fetch quests in the history of gaming. No matter how you look at it, the final Triforce quest sucked supremely. Not only did you have to find eight Triforce maps (an arduous task in itself), you then need Tingle to decode them (which cost an absurd amount of Rupees) and THEN you can find the individual pieces. As much as I enjoyed Wind Waker up until that point, I almost stopped playing the game because of that BS. I'm glad I didn't, because the final dungeon and final boss fight made all the pain worth enduring. But still...

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