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Reviews Comments: This book is terrible. Speak issue/book review by Some Fella

Terrible terrible terrible. I mean seriously. I never expected to read such a bad book in my life. The dialogue is terrible, Melinda is a very shallow, boring character, and the book is overall just a boring, somewhat depressing exercise in all the same YA cliches. If books were food, Speak would be a chemical detergent.


  • wellinever
  • 29th Dec 09
Okay... so I'm guessing your not a fan...

What is it about?
  • Phrederic
  • 30th Dec 09
Read the article to understand what it's about, one reads reviews linked to an article for an opinion, not a plot summary.
  • 5th Aug 10
To Some Fella, that take on Speak is a bit...harsh. Trying to figure out how to phrase this without coming off as disrespectful to both you and the english language. You wouldn't happen to be Some Troll, would you? Outright insulting on what many people regard as a literary master piece isn't terribly subtle....

  • 18th Sep 10
And calling an average YA novel pretty much unknown outside the USA "a literary masterpiece" is going a bit far, isn't it? But I must say that this review is not very helpful. It says nothing about what is wrong with this book in your opinion - just that it's boring. Writing something that short isn't worth the time spent doing it.

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