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Reviews Comments: From comments Fan Fic/Naruto Shattered Eyes film/book review by Septimus Heap

  • Comments: An amazingly well written Naruto fanfiction, in all honesty this could be considered one of the greatest on the site. It is one of the "Bloodline Copy" ideas, but this one annihalates every single other one out there. Seriously... Read this.
    • Kurtulmak: Welp, it's pretty much the usual super!Naruto power trip fic. He gets the aforementioned bloodline with some Fake Balance and New Powers As The Plot Demands. Oh yeah, and there's the ever-so-original fem!Kyuubi trying to tempt him. So far a recipe for Marty Stu failure, but the author manages to keep Naruto's personality mostly intact. The writing's passible, and the action scenes are good, even though Power Creep Power Seep makes things a little ridiculous at times. Like giving Naruto a second Super Powered Evil Side. Possibly notable for having one of the few fics where Iruka can stand up to Orochimaru.
      • Less Fake Balance, this Troper feels, and more like Fridge Horror. The fact that Bloodline Limits are written into a person's body at the genetic level, means that in order to succesfully copy them, the Kyoukagan would have to literally rewrite Naruto's genetic code to match it, every time it's used! And if that's not Nightmare Fuel enough, the fact that blood-to-blood contact causes other people to spontaneously generate all-new Limits of their own, means that effect must still be lingering on within his body, even when it's not actively being used! Small wonder he's developing a case of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity!


  • salim271
  • 24th Jun 12
Maybe not. If the Kyoukagan is the source of all bloodlines, its arguable that its not really copying the bloodlines as much as reawakening/unlocking their genetic information from Naruto's own genetic code. Then when Naruto switches bloodlines, that bloodline code is locked up again and a new one is used.

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