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Reviews Comments: Wrath Of The Lich King World Of Warcraft issue/book review by Wulf

Not a review of the core game, just of the most recent expansion pack.

The latest expansion pack does a lot of things -right-. The villain is much more 'hands on' than the previous one, who you really had no reason to go ought and fight, other than the prospect of phat loots. Thanks to the phasing system, he player actually has an effect on the game-world, if only for his own version. This expansion pack is very story driven, and the player follows it through, and gets very involved in the events, rather than just "Go here because the monsters are three levels higher." Perhaps most importantly, the endgame content is being made more accessible— Rather than force players to raid four nights a week just to get strong enough to attempt to do ANY of the harder raids, the endgame gear is being made accessible via tokens dropped in the heroic versions of the 5-man dungeons which can be done daily.

That said, a few things are done wrong. In making the villain have a bigger role in the game and the quests, he seems less powerful and scary- Every time you see him, he doesn't just kill you on the spot, instead letting you live "this time." In addition, a lot of the Northrend gear looks... well, there's no two ways around it, the Northrend gear looks like bondage gear. Lots of masks and leather and spikes. Finally, in making the endgame raids more accessible, more players who didn't work their way through the easier raids have the gear to jump straight to the harder ones, but not the skill.

Of course, whether you like it or not, you're not really playing World Of Warcraft if you're not playing the most current version, so if you already have the game, you may as well buy the expansion packs anyway.


  • Demetrios
  • 27th Jan 10
About the Wot LK gear: don't worry, it could be worse. At least it's not as bad as Dark Eldar equipment. ;)
  • Fighteer
  • 26th Apr 10
Turns out that there's a reason Arthas doesn't kill all the heroes on the spot. The whole thing was a Xanatos Gambit right up until the final moment atop Icecrown Citadel. He kept baiting Fordring until the very end for the specific purpose of getting all those heroes in one place so he could raise them as the Scourge's most powerful generals. The only time he actually picked up the Villain Ball was in forcing Fordring to watch his ultimate victory instead of killing him outright and sorely underestimating the latter's Heroic Resolve.
  • luomo
  • 16th Sep 12
I always thought Blizzard came up with Arthas' Grand Plot in response to his perceived villain decay during the leveling portion of Wrath. Sort of an ad hoc "No, that wasn't Arthas being a incomprehensible moron, it was all part of his plan!"

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