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Reviews Comments: Good and bad Katawa Shoujo game review by Jicragg

It's one of those games... While good, it's hard to compare it to other VNs, while I completely understand this wasn't a professionally made game it's still fair to compare it.

The first thing I didn't like was how it locked up each route. They didn't merge together. It certainly made going back and getting 100% much, much easier it was still very... it rubbed me the wrong way, anyway.

Characters: Some of the characters I liked (Kenji, Emi and Rin being my personal favourite) and some I couldn't stand (such as Shizune and Hisao)... yeah, it's very irritating when you cannot stand the main character. All of the bad endings involve him acting like an ass and they aren't the choices you can control. The one ending where he dies is the best one. Example: he apologies to Lilly after he has an attack because he doesn't take his medication, she tells him not to apologise for his illness... he never expands that he's a dreadfully stupid person.

Naturally, kudos to the writers for all of the other characters - I enjoyed them.

Art: The art is rather nice, some better than others, though Lilly's hand will forever frighten me. When it's close to her mouth... it's... very strange.

Difficulty: This is somewhere in the realms of easy and searching out the bad endings. It's rather irritating going out of your way to find the bad endings just for a hundred percent and this brings me to my biggest problem with the whole game: the skip text speed is too darn slow. When you're searching out all of the bad endings... you've got to sit through everything again and again. Even before then, just going on the separate routes you have to go through Act 1 over and over again. Incredibly boring. Of course, this leads to the magical reason as to why the credits as skippable but to get 100% you shouldn't skip the ending.

Sex scenes: these annoy me. First of all there's a song called "To Become One" which is the worst music to be played over any sex scene. Horrendously cheesy. For the sex themselves - meh. I was horrible awkward in some places where a girl would say "comfort me" and Hisao would just whip off his trousers. Last time I check a hug was enough... this does bring up the fact that Rin does hug you (no CG oddly...) and then later says she can't hug you.

It's the matter of the curate's egg. All the bad things about it ruin it.


  • encrypted12345
  • 31st Jan 12
While everyone has their own opinion and I try to respect it, there's one part of the review that I am obligated to disagree with you.

That is the part about the sex scenes. They are the most realistic and emotional ones I've seen in any Eroge. They're unfappable, but in the right ways. As for the music, there's a fine line between heartwarming and cheesy, so I won't argue with you about that. That's YMMV. Anyways, the Comfort me thing was blatantly obvious due to context and Rin never does hug you. She says it one time, but she really isn't hugging you. Those arm stumps just can't hug. ;_;
  • Fretless94
  • 2nd Feb 12
If you bothered to read the text before the "comfort me" scene, it would have been obvious to you that she was asking Hisao to comfort her with his dick. Also, I don't see how "To Become One" is at all cheesy. It's a waltz type song, which to me, actually fits the tasteful nature of the sex scenes. If they were to play "Ah Eh I Oh You" over the sex scenes, I would have agreed with you on them being cheesy.
  • Valiona
  • 21st May 12
I didn't like "To Become One" as much as "Letting My Heart Speak" (which is my favorite song in the game), but I found it appropriately romantic.

Some of the decisions are less than obvious, but it's best to think of them as influencing Hisao's thoughts and values. Re-reading the last few lines of dialogue can help, especially when deciding whether to "comfort" Misha.

I disagree about Shizune and Hisao. Shizune is an interesting character in that she starts out with good intentions, then loses sight of them, but in her good ending, starts to address the flaws in her personality. Hisao develops in different directions in each route, so while I was less fond of his decisions in some of them (angsting a lot more about life in general in Rin's route and acting overprotective of Hanako while assuming no one cares about her in her route), the good endings have some nice moments of character development (such as him realizing that he pushed away his old friends before helping Shizune and Misha reconcile in Shizune's route, and telling Emi that he's not helping her out of pity, but because he loves her in her route).
  • dracosummoner
  • 30th Sep 12
The thing about Rin and hugging had, if I understand well, less to do with her body structure and more to do with being part of her bigger problem of having basically no one who understands her.

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