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Reviews Comments: My Brain Deserves Better Literature Than This Inheritance Cycle film/book review by Larkax Rannoch

There's something you all need to understand about me before I start my review; I have never watched Star Wars, LOTR, never read anything of the LOTR trilogy, and have little understanding of a normal teenage mind. Therefore I have no clue how this rips off Star Wars or LOTR, or any clues of a peverted teenage mind was behind it. Yeah, I am a hermit, so sue me. Even without that though, I still hate this seris. The explanations are ridculously long. One particular scene, for example, includes two pages about an explanation for one spell. I offically gave up in the second book when a dwarf told Eragon how convienent it was that Eragon used a spell to retrive a practice arrow, so he didn't have to replace it, for two paragraphs. I immideatley proceded to slam the book shut and return it to the library right away. Second, almost everything about it is boring! The history of the empire, the people, the main characters, the pointless scenes, the meaningful scenes, the plot, everything! Eragon was escpically tedious, so even when he was in danger, the boredom didn't go away because I didn't care. The only thing I enjoyed about this book was Saphira. She had the intresting personailty, and all the entertaining scenes. That might just be due to my inner dragon lover, but she was my reason why I made it through the first book. Sadly though, even Saphira couldn't save the second book from it's tripled boredom factor. On the other hand, I think everyone needs to keep in mind The Inheritance Cycle still has some elements to offer. I am not compeltley sure if this might be my Star Wars-LOTR ignorance talking, but the story of how Eragon found Saphira's egg was pretty creative. Consider this; The author of Twilight, a full grown adult, managed to write a seris a billion times worse than a trilogy by a teenager. Christopher Paolin still has potential, Stephanie Meyer is the one who should really be condemned!


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