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Reviews Comments: Decent, but not Outstanding The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by arcanedude 34

First off, I'm really glad this show didn't go the route of the original. Because admit it, as bad as the backlash is now, it'd be ten times worse if it tried to copy the original show's success and failed miserably. The Golden Age was great, but it'll probably be a long time, if ever, before the Looney Tunes are ready to try that format again. They managed to get the vast majority of the characterization right, and those that they changed (cough, Lola) were either for the better, or probably necessary due to tighter censorship and over-sensitive white male executives being terrified of offending anyone ever. (cough, Speedy).

That being said, the departure from the classics doesn't earn this show a free pass. The show decides to play it safe in a completely different aspect, by simply being another Odd Couple sitcom with an eccentric cast, and frankly has far too many stock episode plots for my taste. And a lot of the jokes have been done to death, but are presented here without a hint of irony or without bringing anything new to the table whatsoever. Even episodes that act like they're subverting common sitcom tropes are really only playing straight the Discredited Trope parodies that have become just as annoying.

Also, while I appreciate a few of the songs they include, the quality varies wildly, and are oftentimes just painful to sit through. And they honestly felt like sort of an attempt to crib off of Phineasand Ferb, of all things.

The overall tone of the show, coupled with its baffling refusal to try anything new, lead it to be amusing for an episode or two, but then you'll probably want to go watch something else. Like, say The Dover Boys.


  • SpiderFan14
  • 9th Mar 12
Agreed. It just really feels vanilla and boring alot of the time, there's just a too large feeling of any character or plot line could be changed to another with no impact.

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