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He does what he does, and does it well
Obviously, he's not the best, but he's still one of my favourite directors. He turned a 20+ franchise into a very entertaining action flick, which is great. Unlike a lot of other films, he doesn't just focus on one thing and one audience, he tries to put something that as many people can enjoy.

I think Angry Joe said it best when reviewing Transformers 2. While it does have a lot of annoying characters, most of them are very popular amongst different demographics. The twins are probably the most notable examples, being insanely hated characters, but both my younger sister (a tween) and my cousin (who has the mentality of a tween) found them enjoyable characters. Likewise, Shia Lebough's Sam Witwicky is hated by almost everyone, but my sister is upset that he won't be returning for any future films (though through a combination of enjoying his character and thinking that Lebough's 'fit').

Micheal Bay's problem is that, his films aren't for everyone. His target audience is young men, teenagers and young adults. Obviously, that means that people not in this demographic, such as professional film critics, aren't going to enjoy his films, but to say that those who do are idiots is like me saying anyone who enjoyed The Wrestler, a film I found ungodly depressing to the point of losing interest and finding it boring after part way through, are all idiots. Its not a fair thing to say. Obviously, the Wrestler just isn't aimed at my interests, but his films are, so I consider him a talented director who doesn't deserve nearly as much backlash and hatred.

And of course, mocking him is mocking America and her interests, so they should be careful.
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