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Reviews Comments: Enjoyable, but not brilliant Harry Potter whole series review by Nettik

I had avoided Harry Potter like the plague due to the popularity and the fact I believe Jane Yolen about the possibility of plagiarism. That said, I decided to read the whole series so I could say I did.

Spoilers below.

"...Sorcerer's Stone" I found entertaining and easy to read. I found the majority of characters to be likable, but felt that the Quirrell/Voldemort connection was rather flat, although I don't think Rowling could have fleshed out the relationship between them any more without giving the books a tone too dark to become wildly popular with all age groups.

"...Chamber of Secrets" was extremely predictable for me. I liked the mythology in the book, and Tom Riddle's first appearance (as Tom Riddle, anyway), but I could tell where the plot was going at all times. Other than that, it's probably my second-favorite of the series.

"...Prisoner of Azkaban" was based far too much on conversations between the characters. Honestly, I felt as though nothing happened in the book apart from characters talking... and talking... and talking... and TALKING. Easily my second least-favorite of the series.

"...Goblet of Fire" was my favorite of the series. I loved the tone, the humor, and the Mood Whiplash toward the end. Many side characters were added in, all enjoyable ones, although Fleur annoyed me at first (she's now one of my favorites).

"...Order of the Phoenix" was my least favorite of the series. I felt that it dragged, and I honestly had trouble getting through the entire book.

"...Half-Blood Prince" was predictable but also the most emotional of the series with Dumbledore's death. I shudder thinking back to his scene in the cave with Harry... Gah.

"...Deathly Hallows" was long, but I never had any trouble getting through it. I did think that some of the book seemed to say "Oh, what was in the first few books? Eh, Throw It In." Oh, and there is no epilogue. ;)


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