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Reviews Comments: The Best of the Best Fruits Basket whole series review by Queen Cynder

Okay, I love Anime, and I love Manga. In fact, I'm a bit of a fangirl. And this is easily my favorite manga. It is not perfect, but the story is wonderful and the emotions are amazing. It's deep, but not so deep that you get bored or anything. There is never really a time when you feel like rolling your eyes or groaning. All the characters are amazingly developed, and they really do stand out after awhile of reading.

However, the anime is not as good as I would have hoped. It is definitely enjoyable, and I liked watching it a lot, but it just cannot beat a few others I've seen.

Overall, both are excellent. To this day, Fruits Basket is my favorite manga, and one of my favorite animes. I would recommend it to any fan of either.


  • Twilla
  • 20th Feb 12
This is a very poor review. You don't go in-depth at all.

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