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Reviews Comments: Darn you Whedon! Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog film/book review by Tomwithnonumbers

DHSAB, apart from having a really awkward acronym, is Serenity all over again. It's not a comedy, although there are jokes and none of them fail, the focus isn't on laughing but having a bit of fun. It's not a drama although there is drama, it's just not weighty or filled with a sense of it's own importance. There is nothing about the style that says you have to take this story seriously, or that you have to be invested in these characters and then the ending hits you like a brick and you realise you were and are and that the whole thing is a work of genius, and why not just watch it from the start again? And again... and again.

It is a musical and surprisingly the songs were what I liked most. I'm sure they aren't impressive to anyone with a musical ear and there certainly aren't any orchestras or incredibly subtle patterns, but almost all of the songs (with maybe two exceptions) are fun to listen to and tell the story simply but very effectively and with leave you with their echoes well after the credits. Whats more you'll get to realise that Barney can really sing well.

So simply put, you should watch this. There isn't a reason not to, it feels short, light and unassuming, like something you can watch to relax and let your mind rest and then it becomes better. The ending is the best part, and since as I've said before it's short, you really should just sit back and give it all the chance it deserves. However the ending is the kind that will leave you feeling in a way you didn't expect and it even left me thinking about the point of stories and why we watch stuff like this. But I'm hyping it up to much, DHSAB is a success because it seems to expect so little. Go into it thinking that it's nothing more than a way to waste an hour and at it's worst, it will do that pleasantly


  • WAYFan
  • 11th Apr 12
"Aren't impressive to anyone with a musical ear"??? Completely disagreed. I've been a music major for many years at my high school and several choirs in college, and I can say from trying to play it that this music is HARD. Whedon and his bros obviously have some magical Time Lord wizard powers to write music this good AND this challenging.
  • Lonniecontreras
  • 18th Feb 13
The more I listen to the songs,the more it reminds me of "Sweeney Todd:the demon barber of fleet"

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