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Michael Bay is no Nolan. He's not making a film to think about life and the core of humanity, and to be honest, I like that. I like having a film that isn't all about the 'art' or 'examining morality.' Sometimes I just need to turn off my brain and take in all the sweet, delicious sugar of a beautiful explosion.

Yes, his movies have dumb plots. Yes, there's are some rather immature or awkward moments. Yes, some of his films (ROTF especially) do break about if you stop and think.

But you know what? I can get over that. This is entertainment at its core. Pretty explosions and no theme or examining. Just lots and lots of violence.

I think all the hate critics give him is ridiculous, and in some cases, offensive. It just seems like overreacting when critics call an entire fanbase dumb or stupid, and I know this is the internet, but still. People have a right to like whatever they like, as long as its not really hurting anyone.
It's nice to hear this. Sometimes anti-Bayism smacks a little too much of elitism. I guess the question is, would the millions of people who like Michael Bay films probably prefer a 'better' action film if they saw it and were just deceived into seeing Transformers? And the answer is they probably wouldn't because Transformers had a lot of people watch it the second and third times as well, whereas the same can't be said for the better films. If your definition of good is 'not what several million people think it is', well maybe you need to think about the purpose your criticism is serving and at least acknowledge that disagreeing doesn't make someone a bad person
comment #12425 Tomwithnonumbers 21st Jan 12
"whereas the same can't be said for the better films."

Wait, what? Just to pull an example out of my hat, The Bourne Identity was reviewed much better than any of the Transformers movies, which technically puts it into the "better" category, and all three of the films, while not making as much money as the Transformers franchise, still made enough to be considered box office successes. The third film actually made more than the second, one of the few box office achievements that Transformers failed. And that's not even bringing up the Chris Nolan Batman movies - The Dark Knight is one of the few movies to have made more money than ROTF. I agree with (or can at least understand where you're coming from) your entire comment except for that one sentence.
comment #12428 JackAlsworth 21st Jan 12
Generalisation error on my part :D By better films I didn't mean to imply all better films, I meant for instance I recently read a critics review of the Dark Knight, comparing it to the action scenes in Salt and saying that it meant Salt was a lot better. But as some of the commenters pointed out, they'd watched Salt and the Dark Knight and they'd completely forgotten about Salt whereas The Dark Knight scenes had stuck with them.

I didn't mean 'all better films,' not even really 'a lot' but 'some of those obscure action films that critics like'
comment #12446 Tomwithnonumbers 22nd Jan 12 (edited by: Tomwithnonumbers)
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