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Reviews Comments: Cars 2 : Not bad, but disappointing Cars film/book review by Alvarocasalino

Despite all the criticism that it received, I liked the first "Cars" movie: It is true that it wasn't at the same level of masterpieces from Pixar such as "Finding Nemo" or "The Incredibles", but it was a nice film that was very enjoyable to watch, with many likable characters, disregard of the strange premise. But since the first film had a satisfying resolution, the idea of a sequel wasn't very interesting for me…And too be honest, I don't think that this sequel was necessary at all. "Cars 2" isn't terrible as some critics said, it is just that it is doesn't feel like a Pixar movie. It feels more like a movie from Dreamworks, or from Blue Sky Studios. I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is still disappointing.

On the good side, the animation was pretty good (Even better than the first film) and most of the film was quite watchable, and some of the jokes were effective, despite the fact that most of them were forgettable. On the bad side, the plot from this film was way more childish than the one from the first film, and the most likable characters from the first movie have here a secondary role (Some even became extras, have a minimal role, having just a few lines) in order to give more importance to Mater and the new characters. Even Lightning Mc Queen, the protagonist of the first "Cars" became a secondary character in this sequel. I don't hate "Cars 2", I just think it could have been way better (Or at least, more enjoyable for the adults, not only for the kids, as the first film was)


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