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Reviews Comments: On Gargoyles Seasons 1 and 2 Gargoyles season review by King Nine

I grew up watching Gargoyles back in animations Renaissance Age and I loved it then. Revisiting it now as a matured person I understand how exemplary the show truly is.

Gargoyles is a show that plays by its own rules. The main characters are believable and dynamic. They grow and change visibly over the course of the series, and not always for the better. The villains are ALL unique and deep. David Xanatos might be one of the most charming villains of all time because while he is certainly despicable and evil his character develops and we see a whole new side of him that is hard not to admire. Story arcs are well played and at any part of the season there are a number of plot threads and dynamics going on at once. It is a deep show that can be appreciated by young and old viewers alike.

Generally the animation is great, if spotty. The creative team outsourced the animation to the likes of AKOM and others. So you'll have one episode with great, fluid animation and the next will look dreadful. Regardless of the animation though the writing is excellent. The drama is palpable and the actions scenes feel natural and well executed. This series has something for everyone. Romance, angst, sci-fi, mythology, and literary references galore. In no other series will you see a version of Shakespeare's Macbeth riding a hovercraft while shooting lasers.

I'll say that if you are a fan of animation in any capacity you owe it to yourself to watch this series. The dynamic and charming characters, the wide universe the story is set in, and the exciting stories make this one of the keystone examples of fine Western Animation.


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