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Decent Watch
Despite some shaky animation and a few questionable song numbers, Disney's Anne Frank wasn't nearly as much of a sacrilege as everyone claims it is. Yes the moral is a little ham-fisted and the ending comes right out of nowhere and may leave you scratching your head in confusion, but it's really the stellar voice acting and unique plot elements that saves the film. I don't know why every adaptation of holocaust era literature doesn't contain zombie Nazis and talking mice! Don't let Roger Ebert's famous "4 thumbs down" review convince you otherwise, this film is worth renting and at least one watch.


Agreed. The ending at least has some effective drama...... even if the things they're being dramatic about are cringe-worthy. As a whole however, it IS awful.

"4 thumbs down"! But a human only has 2 thumbs! Man must've had to recover from the screening!!!
comment #12372 Shota 17th Jan 12 (edited by: Shota)
Since this work doesn't actually exist, are we even allowed to review it? Seeing reviews for things that don't exist would confuse a lot of people, and it could also degrade the quality of this site.
comment #12373 BonsaiForest 17th Jan 12 (edited by: BonsaiForest)
I think The Ugly Barnacle also has a review.
comment #12374 RhymeBeat 17th Jan 12

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