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Reviews Comments: Not Even Entertainingly Bad Monster A Go Go film/book review by Filby

I watched this movie on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and man, is it one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Even worse than Manos The Hands Of Fate—while this movie has some technical knowledge of filmmaking behind it, it is so utterly devoid of charm, wit, action, or anything to the point that it's not even amusingly bad. The "monster" (a balding man in bumpy makeup) appears in all of three scenes. The movie is full of long, dull stretches in which nothing happens. In the end, there's not even a climax—just a long, boring build-up followed by the "monster" simply not appearing, after which the narrator informs us that the monster never really existed! Then why show us scenes of it killing people, and why was the army mobilized to fight it?!

Watching it on MST3K, Joel and the bots were the only thing keeping me from falling asleep, and even their riffing couldn't make it worthwhile. The sketches were funny, but the movie is so mind-numbingly awful that my brain hardly registered them.

Tl;dr? It sucks. Don't watch it.


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