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Reviews Comments: An Old Fan's Review Pokemon whole series review by Dandelion Fire

I'll be honest, I stopped watching after Johto and so have no idea what happens after that, but that's why I want to give my opinion. I was part of the original generation who was really into this fad, and have done everything from watch the show, to playing the video games, to collecting the cards. I view this show like I view DBZ, Sailor Moon and Yugioh, as a Gateway Series that wasn't actually that good, but brought a lot of people into the world of video gaming and anime. I love this show for nostalgia's sake, but yes, I can't get over Misty being Put On A Bus, and yes, I like really hate the new voices. They grated on my ears when I tried to keep watching. I think they handled Ash poorly by continually him shoving back to newbie status and ignoring the world changing things he's done. Most of my negative comments have been said a thousand times.

The thing is, I saw an episode of the latest series and it made me laugh because I felt like it was so bad. The background characters didn't move. Animation was reused. Pikachu lost an easy battle. Ash was completely out of character so that it was like watching a different trainer who looked a bit like him. I almost felt like they should have made Ash mentor a new trainer and let that new trainer take over the series instead of doing it like this. I didn't like the new character designs, or the new Pokemon designs, or anything about it really.

When it came to the original show, I remember liking how they portrayed the emotional aspects of the show, like when Ash died in the movie, when Pikachu chose not to evolve or how determined he was to become a Pokemon master. In most aspects it's like a classic shonen series. I think if there's anyone of hasn't heard of Pokemon, I'd still recommend series up to Kanto to them. I'd warn them to be careful of the fanbase though, because there's people who hate anything past Kanto, there's people who only know the new series and think people complaining about the changes should have moved on long ago, and any variation in between; the Fanon community is also one of the best parts though, because since almost an entire generation enjoyed Pokemon in some fashion, there's something for everyone. So I guess to summarize it, I hate the new series, love Kanto like an old Disney movie, and have mixed feelings about the Fanon community that are mostly positive.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 15th Jan 12
Hey, I think DBZ, Sailor Moon, Yugioh, and Pokemon (Indigo League) are....mostly good.

If by "latest series" you mean "Black and White", then the thing is...that's actually the best it's been since Kanto to me. But yes, Ash is still not at all the character he started out as, though he DID mentor new trainers (May and Dawn) previously but he didn't let them take over and it made him just as boring and irritating as ever, so that idea's no good. If you've yet to see Team Rocket in the new series, then they're also majorly out of character but it's actually a change for the better considering how annoying they were in the Hoenn and Sinnoh seasons before this.
  • GintaxAlvissforever
  • 16th Jan 12
I agree with Manwiththe Plan. Basically, I tell my friends that if you watch only the first episode of Best Wishes, you haven't seen nothing yet. Watch five to ten episodes and then give your opinion. The episode clearly explained that Pikachu was zapped by Zekrom and took and drained it. Ash knew something was wrong with Pikachu but didn't follow his suspicion until after he lost the battle with Trip.

Besides, the best thing that Best Wishes has to offer is Cilan (since he's so FABULOUS), badass Team Rocket and rivals for each of the characters. This is ironically the series that is closest to the original. Ash not being a mentor, Ash catching more than six Pokemon and swapping them out regularly. Evolving them pretty fast and getting to gym to gym fast. Watching the series after skipping the D/P arc shows that it's very refreshing since she has watched it from the Kanto but doesn't see the point in going back to the nostalgia when even the Kanto arc had many flaws AKA the gym battles.
  • DandelionFire
  • 16th Jan 12
@Manwiththe Plan: You're right, they are mostly good, just a little disappointing when you watch them a decade later.

@Both: I skipped everything after Johto, like I said. What I said about Best Wishes is based on one episode, so I can't judge it as well as you two can. I know that Best Wishes is supposed to be much better and maybe I'll watch more and change my opinion later, but there's a part of the Pokemon fan base who doesn't like anything after either Kanto or Johto (depending on whether Misty being there made the difference) and I'm currently one of those people. I just wanted to represent that.

Just wondering, do you think you need to watch the seasons before Best Wishes appreciate it, or it's better to just watch Best Wishes?
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 16th Jan 12
^ That's actually a good quetsion, 'cause on it's own, Best Wishes is okay at best. It's really only when you compare it to the Johto, Hoenn, and especially Sinnoh seasons that it becomes really good.
  • GintaxAlvissforever
  • 16th Jan 12
You won't be too disappointed with Best Wishes. Basically, after having two girly female leads (May wasn't that bad though unlike Dawn), they gave us Iris who is similar to Misty but actually has a goal (AKA be a dragon master compared to Misty being a water Pokemon expert which is very vague given that water Pokemon are the most common type while dragons are the rarest and hardest to train.) When she tells Ash that he's a kid, it's supposed to be Hypocritical Humor given that she's equally childish (and didn't Misty do the same thing to Ash only isn't as blunt about it?)

Basically on the list of regions, the current region would be ranked either in the direct middle above Johto and Sinnoh and it might be higher than Hoenn depending on who you ask but it's hard to beat Kanto. However, this series does have the Kanto feel to it...the only problem is Ash, but the good thing is that the mistakes he makes in every region, he gets over WAY faster (given that the pace of the series is equal to Kanto) and Ash improves quickly and it shows in gym battles (except Elesa's gym battle which was funny as hell but Ash was a retard. LOL) Ash MIGHT have a chance this time given that he gets his Pokemon quickly and many of them evolved already.

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