Reviews Comments: No, Just, No...

No, Just, No...
This is the single worst fan-fic I have ever read. Ever. And I read My Immortal. This is worse than fucking My Immortal.

There's no plot. No. Plot. It's just mindless violence. You know that saying, "If an infinite amount of monkeys worked on an infinite amount of typewriters, one of them would produce Shakespeare's works."? It's like that. But instead this was produced by the chimp that fell down twenty-seven flights of stairs and watched A Serbian Film. That should give you an idea of what kind of shitfest this is.

But I digress. if you're in to that kind of thing, you know, your choice...


I remember there were other reviews here for this, where'd they go?
comment #12830 WarriorSparrow 16th Feb 12
I've noticed that reviews for certain works have been getting deleated for some reason.
comment #12841 marston 16th Feb 12

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