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Reviews Comments: Long Live The Spoony One The Spoony Experiment whole series review by kirana 44

Seriously? I don't understand what the problem is.

Yes, you might not agree with his opinion - you're entitled not to. Besides which, I admit that his reviews can be VERY divisive - I still have friends who insist that Final Fantasy X is one of the best games ever made, and that Spoony is talking bullshit on that one. Does this justify the level of rudeness and disrespect that he receives on a regular basis? Not a single bit.

Guys, it's HIS OPINION - he can say what he likes, and he at least tries to make a point of knowing what he's talking about before he says it. Just watching some of his retrospectives and reviews, it's obvious that he has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to films and games, and while he might sometimes say something that pisses you off, he does actually back it up with evidence. He doesn't just make shit up and pretend that he knows what he's talking about - he does research and then uses segments of whatever he's playing/watching to back up what he's saying. So he's never "wrong" in any sense - he's just looking at the source material in a different way than you. Don't like it? Get off his damn website.

And even if you hate how he thinks, there's one thing that has deeply impressed me about Spoony - the guy's damn hilarious. He mentions in his Mazes and Monsters review that he used to take Drama in school, and that really shows - the way he scripts and acts his reviews is actually flawless, so even if I don't agree with the opinion present in the review, his comedic acting more than makes up for it. Spoony is just a joy to watch - Spooning with Spoony practically killed me, despite the sketch not being the sort of thing I'd normally find funny, and his Tekken reviews always make me smile. But the one thing that makes me a fan of his, above all else? The fact that he's just so determined and dedicated to this job, purely because he likes it so much. He gets an inordinate amount of trolls? Fuck 'em, what do they know?! Heart problems? As if that's going to slow him down for long. Hell, an average mortal like me could never work that damn hard under those conditions - he has GUTS, and he's actually one of the strongest, most awesome people I've ever seen. I applaud him.

So I thank the Spoony One for being awesome, and I hope he keeps on going for a long time to come.


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 9th Jan 12
"I normally HATE jokes about rape, and yet..." is sentence that the world would probably have been better without :(

Anyway aside that, Spoony is divisive in a good way, I do hold FFX as one of the best games of all time, and yet I really enjoyed his review of it. The points he makes are fair and although he's accentuating the negative, he normally avoids nitpicking which keeps it fair game. He's keeps it lighthearted, like when he stopped doing the ass-shots joke for X-2 because, whilst it was harmless quirk he enjoyed making a joke of in X, it was just plain boring fanservice in X-2

In contrast, Linkara was being negative about stuff I'd never even read and I got tired of it pretty quickly because too much of it felt like nitpicks and things which would be perfectly acceptable/ignorable in other conditions

EDIT: Can't say I enjoy the drama bits, but it seems like that's pretty endemic to the genre, and at least he keeps it segregated enough to be skippable
  • VeryMelon
  • 10th Jan 12
And just who is this review directed at?
  • qtjinla15
  • 14th Jan 12
Fans of course. And yeah, people who have nothing better to do then hate on people for their opinions are fail.
  • TheChupacabra
  • 21st Jan 12
@Very Melon Probably the butthurt people who put up most of the reviews here.
  • VeryMelon
  • 27th Jan 12
Why are they butthurt to you?
  • TheChupacabra
  • 29th Jan 12
Because they whine about how he is "too rude to the viewers" or how he is an "oppressive tyrant" and yet if they actually spent some time searching on his website they would realize that their opinions are further from the truth that they believe them to be. In hindsight I probably should of been more specific about that and I am sorry for that.
  • kirana44
  • 29th Jan 12
I edited this one slightly, so some of the lines come across as less unfortunate.

But yeah, this review is just to combat all the negative reviews on here, and all the people I hear go on about how shit he is - because he's really not. For the people who find him "rude to his fans" - he's not rude to his genuine fans, but he IS rude to trolls. And he gets a hell of a lot of those. And listening to his commentaries, I genuinely don't get where all the hate comes from. That's just my take on it, though.

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