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Regarding comments directed at completely unrelated characters determining what happens later in the game: You're not just choosing what Hisao says, you're choosing how he actually thinks. (Ie. in an early scene, "Yes" and "Maybe" aren't just what Hisao says to the Nurse regarding whether or not he will exercise, they're how seriously Hisao himself is taking the exercise).
comment #12211 muninn 8th Jan 12
I'm not sure you're reading into the choices properly. Also, I think you need to commit to a girl a bit more - "being nice to all girls" is exactly the problem. Even when you are nice to too many girls, the game will attempt to force you into one, and actively trying not to will make you make one of the few "dumb choices" that throws you into the Kenji end (telling Misha and Shizune to back off, pushing Lilly/Rin away on the road to school, etc.). You need to push onto one girl, and give the lackluster (but not overtly negative) choices for the others to make your decision clear. This is something I've found in almost all the dating sims I've played - you need to make your intentions clear, even with small nuanced choices that, like above commenter said, influence what you think, not what you say.

Also the "no Misha route" has been commented and complained on proper, and after playing Shizune's I'm pretty sure it probably wouldn't have been a very good idea to make a route for her. The dynamic wouldn't have worked well. (It's similar to the Fujibayashi twins in CLANNAD in which trying to nab Ryou gets you Kyou's bad end.)
comment #12220 AsterSelene 8th Jan 12
Yeah, I noticed the whole "make a choice" thing on the second and subsequent plays. This time I've run straight into Shizune's and Lilly's routes without problems as I have aimed for a girl these times. That's why I take my statement back about not being able to run into a bad end by choice - that's very well possible as I learned with Shizune and Misha. As for Misha's non-route issue, yes I know that the team said she won't get a route and I knew that when I wrote the for-now summary (as it's labeld "Arc 1" for a reason) but it does irk me. Of course, based on the things that actually happen in Shizune's route it's likely for the better. I guess this mainly shows why VN games are not usually my thing as they normally stop fascinating me very very quickly.
comment #12228 SorataZ 9th Jan 12
I'm sorry but I have to call bullcrap on your last statement, because I have seen a lot of visual novels and I've never met a single person whose said that they stopped playing them after they've reached the H-scenes.
comment #13880 Rahkshi500 18th Apr 12
^ Porn Without Plot visual novel players occasionally do. While it is a common misconception that all people who play visual novels do it for the H-Scenes, a select few do.

That being said, the "many VN games where in the end you only follow a walkthrough to get to the H scenes and then uninstall it" in the last statement does irk me now that you point it out. Just blame Small Reference Pools and assume lack of knowledge on the subject.
comment #13883 encrypted12345 18th Apr 12 (edited by: encrypted12345)
To be fair, I know someone who's purpose in life seems to be holding the control key down on her computer. She tears through the story to see the scenes and then generally doesn't care about the game otherwise. I didn't even recommend KS to her because I knew she wouldn't find the H-scenes attractive given how they're played out in game. Some of my other friends will only give a VN a chance if the H-scenes are worth it, though, they at-least gave KS a chance based off of my recommendation, and loved it Those people do exist, and aren't the minority, they're just closet perverts, so you don't encounter them often
comment #14034 GigsVigilance 28th Apr 12
Except that's not true. Everyone I've ever met or talk to who has played a visual novel did not do it for the H-scenes. They expressed how much they love the stories and characters, and given how the details they give that match much of the context, they were not lying. Also, KS is NOT the only VN with a good story and engaging characters; there are a lot of V Ns with good stories and engaging characters and replay value, and there are a lot of people who love them(and they are indeed the majority). It gets annoying when people who love KS would praise it and then jab at other V Ns or call everyone who loves other V Ns "pervs who only play them for H-scenes"
comment #14035 Rahkshi500 28th Apr 12
Personally, I was disapointed in the lack of sex scenes. Cripples are very sexy!
comment #14210 TheRealCrazyGoggs 7th May 12

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