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Reviews Comments: Simplified But Enjoyable Adventure Quest Worlds game review by sabrina diamond

AQ Worlds is an Animesque game done in the style of most western Rpgs where the setting is set in the fantasy land of Lore, with a Steam Punk approach. Most tropes (and stock clichés) of many Rpgs are often parodied for the Rule Of Funny (such as Save The Princess), and there are a lot of puns for the younger audience (who weren't around for AE's earlier game) from Dragon Fable, which storyline is very 'mature' for a pre-teen audience. Fortunately, there is minimum violence and monsters get only knocked out by your sword.

AQ Worlds had a rather good premise (Chaos ruins every faction in Lore), but couldn't quite deliver on the story-lines of the former game. Some of the in-game cut-scenes are quite brief which is bit of a downer, however it gets a bit pretentious when most NP Cs refer to you as your 'title' The Hero instead of 'Hello Insert Name Here'. The storyline showed some drastic improvements in the Doomwood saga and Horc/Trolls faction as of late, a trend which I hope continues...

The positives are: the entire game is free to play and download. Because younger audiences might not get the references to all the previous AE games, sometimes a pun is needed for a comedic effect. The game is easy to get into and addictive. There are guest-stars every couple of months and in-game variants of holidays such as Frostvale (Christmas) and Hero's Heart Day (Valentines). The fact that there is something new every week means that there is never a chance to get bored.

The negatives are: Membership 'perks' only last a couple of months, to 'build up reputation' for your respective faction can take forever due to daily quests turn-ins and most of all, you need a LOT of in-game currency to get ahead in this game and 'Limited Quantity Item' Shops... There is a lot of advertisements BUT The creators and staff members actually care about every game they create, so I appreciate their dedication/creativity and customer service input!

Thank you for listening to my review, now leave and get some fresh air for a change... I mean it! (runs for air)

Storyline: 4/10 (+2 for recent changes) Addictiveness: 7/10 (+2 for every week) Membership: 2/10 Creative Ideas: 6/10 Customer Service: 9/10.


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