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Fandom Rules
The source material for Hetalia is generally non-existent which generally is a very bad thing so if you're just looking at the official stuff you're not going to get much fun from it. The really amazing part of Hetalia is the fandom. They're all totally insane and the part of the fandom doesn't consist of crazy weebs consist's of people who are amazing. Clever, creative and outrageously funny! That lack of source material gives the fandom space to take the show's premise and run with it until it takes on a life of its own and becomes their Hetalia. Anything the creator missed out (God bless that man but he is SO silly) some fan will be kind enough to fill in. Fanworks are the heart and soul of this series and the fans are so charming but if you're afraid of fanfiction then this isn't the series for you.


What do you mean by "source material"? If anything, Hetalia's entire premise works off of basing itself on history, and the mangaka of course had to research history in order for it to be popular!
comment #13293 kyun 16th Mar 12

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