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Reviews Comments: Sorta A Rant, Feel Free To Ignore Bleach whole series review by pommykun

Oh boy, Bleach. I don't know where to begin where I don't sound like a fangirl, but... hey. It was fun, but I stopped around Ulquiorra's death. Mind you, I did read past it... but lord, it was STUPID. Bleach is fun, and like most people, I can't see what's wrong with it. It's how characters act in a natural environment(In RP), but it's all to one's own. However, I do have SOME complaints;
  • It felt somewhat rushed, looking back at it now. Shaman King had scenes where the characters rested, Naruto had scenes like that, and so on. Bleach NEVER did, and if it was, it was OMAKE. Yeesh; all they do for rest is a Timeskip of # of days, months, or in recent case, years. There wasn't really a scene of anyone drinking tea and relaxing(unplot-wise, at least), nor any sports being shown like you'd expect.
  • I felt like Tite was the original creator for Ulquihime, and he defiantly added more fuel and reason to it than any other hater, and even made it PLOT-WISE.
  • Any interesting topics were kinda... brushed over. We never got any new development for some of the characters introduced at the start, save for the occasional moment and even then, the Karakura Rizers didn't go anywhere with development without stating what we did know. We didn't hear a whole lot about Tatsuki after the SS Arc, Chad's friends kinda disappeared after episode 3(or something), Ulquiorra's relations to Yammy and Grimmjow's undying hate for the 4th never went anywhere...
  • And as a personal complaint; I'm surprised they don't break from the show and have Slice-of-Life Episodes(a la Kirby) that just detail things about a character's life. I want to know more of a regular day with the main cast, apart from just how their day goes; what is life at Uyru's house like, for instance. And I do actually want to hear an argument between the 6th and 4th Espadas, even if it adds nothing. Just these little touches, since they'll squeeze in comedy even if someone's dying... sorta.
  • And something I want? Follow me with this; batshit-insane Ulquiorra with glowing Tao-like eyes. It'll be awesome, trust me.

Apart from that, Bleach is fun if you don't intend on taking it seriously; I love pointing things out about The Lust episodes. If Tite did these things(or we got at least 4Koma's about them), then I'd like Bleach again... save the Fullbringers.


  • qtjinla15
  • 14th Jan 12
It's a shouenen. You expect great characterization and consistency. But all joking aside it doesn't bother me as everyone else it seems. I expect low standards from any series where the cup sizes of female is either flat chest or DD's. (Not singling out Bleach), but all and all every cast member plays to some sort of fetish and with all the retcons I gave up on hope years ago and just enjoy what I enjoy.

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