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Reviews Comments: Shortest Review Ever Fallout New Vegas game review by Scan Visor

The game overall: better written. Main quest entangles itself in the whole game world, and side missions feel more compelling. That said, the magic in Fallout 3 was not doing quests. It was walking somewhere, finding something, and finding out it's story. Pretty much everywhere had an interesting story. (Or a depressing one. "There Will Come Soft Rains" anybody?)

Such is not the case in New Vegas.

That said, this game plays better with all of it's various engine improvements, and the massive bugs (most of them don't crash the game anymore!) provide some Narm Charm. This is a Lighterand Softer experience than Fallout 3. I recommend both whole-heartedly, but which one you'll enjoy more is entirely a matter of opinion. For what it's worth, I find Fallout 3 darker, more interesting, more heart-rending, and more satisfying.


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 21st Dec 11
Have seen shorter.
  • marston
  • 21st Dec 11
Yeah dude, I've seen way shorter reviews then this.
  • ScanVisor
  • 23rd Dec 11
I meant the shortest review of the game. Addmittedly, I was trying to keep a theme going from when I reviewed Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was much shorter. I'm just gonna delete that Iron sights thing.
  • DevilTakeMe
  • 23rd Dec 11
What was more interesting, in your view? Or heart-rending?

I could never find anything in Fallout 3 to be emotionally satisfying. I knew I was supposed to feel something, but it was just so poorly written that the scenes of Dad dying were "meh" or any of the pre-war survivor notes.

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