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Reviews Comments: Camp Rock- un-needed ignorance fueled hatedom. Why? Camp Rock whole series review by Jay Teh Spongetta

Camp Rock are a amazing series of films. They're funny, entertaining and inspring. I think the only reason they get hate is because of the ignorant "Disney-hate" rockist white boys have and a few other people. There were a couple of reviews that said they didn't like High School Musical. Then why were you watching this?! Hypocrite. The music is good, and yes some songs are more rock pop then rock, but rock isn't world-ending as people make it. Besides, the black man invented rock and roll...the same man whose music you rockists hate... Anyway, Camp Rock 2 was music better than the last, and really showed it's teeth. All i have to say is that you should watch the movies with a free mind like a child would and don't be ignorant or hypocritical.


  • Patworx
  • 18th Dec 11
While I wouldn't call the Camp Rock films "amazing", I agree that they get too much hate from 'rockist white boys'. And Camp Rock 2 was signifigantly better.
  • Aspie
  • 15th Feb 12
To the original poster, I'm with you. I'm a lover of all kinds of music and I happen to think many of the songs in these movies were excellent. ("It's On" and "Heart and Soul" top my list for sure, but "This Is Me" was excellent too)

To Patworx: I'm not sure I would say Camp Rock 2 was "significantly better" per se. The music was definitely improved for the most part from the first movie, but I honestly think it came at the expense of the storyline. Suddenly Camp Rock has gone from being a place for serious musicians to hone their craft to a place for a bunch of fun-loving people who just want to go to summer camp while learning music. Plus, I was deeply displeased with the writers completely erasing Tess Tyler's Character Development from the first movie. The scene where she breaks down crying because her Mom left during her performance, followed by her Heel Face Turn, was one of my favorite scenes from the first, but the second one made it basically meaningless.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 16th Feb 12
I think people hate these movie because The Jonas Brothers are central characters in it, the main character is an unlikable Mary Sue, the Alpha Bitch is a shallow sterotype (Sharpay from High School Musical she aint), and the plots of both movies are filled with Bad Writing. Especially in the second one, which revoles around a Designated Hero vs Designated Villain based conflict.

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