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Reviews Comments: Not a Bad Story Inheritance Cycle film/book review by xyclone 147

I'm a fan of the books, but I should be honest about it. It's not bad. While the writing is overly descriptive to the point where I skip over paragraphs, it can take four lines to make a single slash in Inheritance...It's not bad overall.

The Good: While some of it is rather 'yawn, old news' compared to some things it tries to take a fresh approach and very often does well with it. It's an honestly new attempt in the fantastical world of people riding dragons, and it's done well to fit into this and leave its mark. The characters seem human, though those that are supposed to be alien to us are. It's good at doing things that it could do in allowing a new fantasy with new perspective.

The Bad: However, when it is terrible in descriptions. I know it's supposed to convey a good sense of what the image is, but there is such a thing as too much detail. Some sections of the cycle leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and some of it is boring. It clearly has no research into late-Medieval strategies and tactics, and oftentimes even the swordfights that are written can seem off.

While written by a younger author than usual, it does show good qualities and good promise for the author's future career. Even with many negatives, it stays honestly good. A personal feeling of mine though is that I don't appreciate how...Open the ending is and how so much is not told of. However, this is something of my own ideas and thus shouldn't be held to itself entirely if you're someone with other tastes. Overall? About an 8 out of 10. (Eldest... 6.5)


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