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Reviews Comments: My favorite Spike episode! My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 10 Secret Of My Excess episode/issue review by Omni Sonic

I didn't think much was going to come of this episode. I simply thought it would be a spoof of a monster movie, and later on it was, but it delivers so much more. Once again I underestimated this show, but I've grown to love the feeling of having my expectations exceeded.

In this episode we learn that the greedier a dragon is, the faster he grows. Spike isn't usually a greedy dragon, though... he even gives Rarity a priceless gem that he was keeping for his birthday dinner. But today is his first birthday in Ponyville; he usually gets only one crummy present from Twilight but more friends means more gifts. Spike decides to take this to the extreme, demanding gifts for the sake of hoarding. Later on he resorts to outright stealing, but wait a minute, now he's triple his size and no one knows why!

Well, except for Zecora who tells Twilight that dragons are naturally greedy and encourages her to contain Spike so he can't steal anything right after Spike steals everything from Zecora's hut. But Twilight can only keep Spike in the library for so long, and from there Spike becomes a giant rampaging hoarder.

But the Aesop about not being greedy isn't all the episode has to offer. Remember how Spike has an obvious crush on Rarity? The subplot of the episode focuses on the development of their relationship; after Spike gives her the gem, Rarity starts acting very affectionate towards Spike, kissing him, nuzzling him, and calling him pet names. Seeing some actual development from what was previously a one-way romance is quite touching, especially the parts near the end.

I'm actually hard-pressed to find criticism, except one problem I can't get past: Twilight has known Spike for all his life, and yet has not researched anything about how dragons mature or grow. This has been beaten to death on the discussion page though, and considering the episode's subject matter, is largely irrelevant.

This episode cast Spike in a new light for me. Beforehand I thought of him merely as a dutiful kid assistant reliant on Twilight with a dash of eccentricity, which wasn't particularly bad, but with this episode I can fully embrace him as a well-thought out main character. The ending My God What Have I Done moment and Rarity pulling him out of it sealed the deal for me. All in all, I thought it was a sublime episode.


  • dGalloway
  • 11th Dec 11
I agree completely.

This episode proved itself to be leagues above Spike's episode last season. Instead of just trying to pimp that owl some of the Twilight Sparkle toys come with, the episode actually spent time furthering Spike's character development and his relationship with Rarity. (I'm still not much of a Spike/Rarity fan, though.)

The whole concept of dragons getting bigger with their hoards was both funny and original, and actually goes to explain why dragons spend all their time gathering up precious gold and gems just so they can dump them in a cave. My only problem with that was, well, it raises some red flags with how Spike's actual maturation will play out. Was this just the equivalent of a teenager's hormones going out of control? Do all dragons go through a "collect useless junk" phase before they realize what's actually valuable enough to hoard? And what about the drop in intelligence? All the other dragons we've seen are perfectly capable of holding a conversation, while Spike became more and more inarticulate until he just resorted to belting out roars.

Overall, though, this is one of my favorite episodes this season, and I hope for some more Spike episodes down the line.
  • CarolC
  • 11th Dec 11
I agree too!

Maybe I'll write my review later, but this is a favorite Season 2 episode next to "Sister Hooves Social." Considering that Spike does not get a day in the limelight for long, this episode knew how to develop his relationship with Rarity. It isn't played romatically, but it's played as a deep relationship that shapes up Spike's redemption and Rarity's role as the Element of Generosity.

It featured genuinely emotional moments that are played subtly (the fact that Rarity knows of Spike's crush is told by a simple gesture by her eyes and hoof and the way Spike silently touches the footprint of his greedy form). And the audience knows Rarity loves her gift for the value of its generosity, not because it is beautiful and rare. That is a huge step for a show aimed toward young girls. Other than that the comedic timing is funny and the writers took creative time to play with Spike's rapid maturation.

Hmmm, when will Spike grow up? And how would he turn out? Hmmmmm.
  • CarolC
  • 11th Dec 11

  • CarolC
  • 11th Dec 11
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